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Chinese Monkey Horoscope 2014

Chinese Monkey Horoscope 2014

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Chinese astrology Monkey Horoscope 2014 predicts that for those born under the Monkey sign, the Chinese Year of the Horse will be without any major problems.

It is common to see Monkeys as mischievous people. But the word for Marquis at one time was the same as the word as for a monkey. Thus the sense of the term monkey can be seen as positive. Amongst official government circles, images of monkeys may appear on doors to bring in good fortune.

In 2014 Monkey people who are married will need to make special time for their spouse in order to improve their love life. Single Monkeys are not likely to find their soul mate this year. You will be too busy fluttering like a butterfly, this year to settle on a single flower. Chinese Monkey people are attracted to the Chinese Rat and Dragon. Those born under the Chinese Tiger or Horse, will not catch your eye forecast your 2014 Chinese horoscope predictions.

If you are being lazy, particularly at work this may bring about a slow start to the Chinese year of the Horse 2014. In your work life you may well be scolded for work that was done poorly or not at all. Yes, you need some me time but work must never be neglected. Also it would be wise to look for a new job and update or certify your skills prior to the interview.

Travel predictions foretell that you will travel internationally in 2014. Perhaps at this time you may see some friends from the past once again. These could be people from your university or school days.


Monkey people are very active. They have the flexibility to find an answer while in motion. The personality of a Monkey person can be somewhat outré. They enjoy people, and have a gift for mediating disputes. This is a very practical gift that many employers would appreciate. They love to learn and can retain information well. A Monkey person will assist another, even if they are inconvenienced by doing so. They will be working in a creative field perhaps in the spotlight. And will publicize information as they see fit.


They can be gullible despite their successes. The monkey can become discouraged when he leaps into the deep end and is not instantly triumphant. The Monkey can be selfish. The individual may see himself as superior being aware of his broad range of skills. When a Monkey gains control of his feelings, and uses good judgment, his success will grow.

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