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Mesh 2016 Rashifal Predictions

2016 Mesh Rashifal – General

Mesha Rashifal 2018

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The 2016 Mesh Rashifal predicts that you will begin the year hanging out with family and old friends. The first six months of 2016 you will be all about getting back to your roots and becoming more secure with yourself.


The last 6 months you will be taking more risks for the Aries zodiac people. Learning new values and ideas, meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring new things are all in the works by the end of 2016.

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2016 Mesha Rashi Career Predictions

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The Mesha Rasi 2016 predictions also forecast that there will be changes in your career this year but you will have a better outlook. You will have lots of energy early in the year to approach tasks head on, perhaps even some issues from last year. April and May 2016 will present your greatest challenges in your business or profession and your greatest triumphs. Opportunities for advancement at work will show up towards the end of 2016.

2016 will be a great year for the Mesha Rashi people to make a change in your career if you would like, especially if you feel you are in the wrong field. Making the change will be difficult but the luck that awaits you at the end of the year will prove worthwhile.


Mesh Rasi 2016 Finance Horoscope

The 2016 Rashiphal shows that this year is a good year for finances for the Mesh Rashi. There will not be any major losses or difficulties in finance. There may be some minor concerns with friends or family. Be careful if you want to invest money in your own or a relative’s career or education. There will be conflict over monetary issues with family on either yours or your spouse’s side. Make sure that you save for a rainy day, especially if you want to help others.


In the first 7 months of 2016 you may have luck with gambling or lottery. 2016 is lucky for money for the Mesh Rasi individuals.

Love & Family 2016 Mesh Rasifal


Romance is in the air for Mesh Rasi this year in 2016. Chances are good in the first 7 months for children. Married Arians who are planning to have or expecting a baby will be fortunate in 2016. If you already have kids, they will bring you much joy during this time. Grandchildren are also a possibility! Also take the time to have more fun and release your inner child during this time. Read more in the 2016 Chinese Horoscope.

The Mesha 2016 Rashifal also warns that you may argue with your siblings or parents in the first six months of the year. You will see your partner or spouse in a new light and have a great marital life by the end of 2016. Be careful in September to not take any risks. This time could be filled with turmoil for many Aries and result in either divorce or other legal problems if you are not careful.


Single Mesha are likely to date lots of new people in 2016. If you are looking for love, you will find prospective partners. Try this Kundli matching tool to find out how compatible you are with your lover when it comes to romance and sex. If you would like new friends, this will happen too. Best times for love are April and May, August and September, and November to December 2016.

Mesh Rasi 2016 Forecasts For Health

The 2016 Bhavishya Rashi Jyotish forecasts there will be some minor health issues at the beginning of the year for the Rams. But all will be resolved by the end of the year. By June 2016 you will be at your best. This will bring you more strength and security than you had. Mesha, be careful with your diet and exercise. It will be a good idea to take up a new activity like walking or marathon training to strengthen your immune system, energy and vitality.

The Varshik Mesh Rasiphal 2016 in English foretells that you will probably look back at this year, 2016 as one of the most exciting but challenging times in their life.

Keep a look out for the 2017 Mesh Rashifal.

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