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Makar 2016 Rashifal Predictions

2016 Makar Rashifal – General

Makar Rashifal 2018

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The Makar 2016 Rashifal predicts that this will be a tough year for you. You will have some health problems, which will affect your mental health as well. Mostly this year will be boring. Other then stress from work! Try to make time for yourself and to have some fun.


In the second half of the year you will be craving new adventures. So take a vacation or plan some outings if you can.

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2016 Makara Rashi Career Predictions

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The Rashiphal 2016 foretells that if you have your own business it may be tough to stay afloat in the first half of the year. The Makara Rashi people who work for others have it rough too. But you won’t want to change jobs unless you have to. The best times to change jobs are January or end of April and December 2016. Do not change jobs in September or October. You will regret it and end up missing your old job.

For the first half of the year, many of the Makar Rasi people will have to face complications at work with your bosses or co-workers. Do your best to minimize the stress in your professional commitments.


Makar Rasi 2016 Finance Horoscope


The Varshik 2016 Rashifal for the Capricorn zodiac sign also foretells that you will be stressed about finances this year as well as work issues. Look for additional ways to get funds. Refrain from any real estate transactions as there is a chance of losing your money. Be extra careful in August 2016 to resist temptation in investing in shares and stocks.

The 2016 Chinese astrology forecasts also show that you will want to make some frivolous purchases, which could have you lose money. Try to resist! Also avoid lending money at this time because you may not get it back. If you really want to help then give an amount that you won’t mind losing.

Otherwise in the second half of the year things will stabilize a little more. The end of March, June and September 2016 are favorable for investments for the Sea Goats.

Love & Family 2016 Makar Rasifal


The 2016 Makara Rashifal foretells that the single goats may meet someone in or around April 2016 this year. So try to look your best and project a good attitude and outlook. Don’t be afraid to open up and really try to make things work with this person.

Some of you Capricorns may have been hurt in the past or scared to open up and trust someone. If you are too cold or closed off with the person you are dating, they could move on and find someone else. So take a chance! Someone who is already in a relationship may decide to get married this year! If you are planning for a child, be sure to have the consent of your partner.

In July, be careful with your relationships, Makar. This time period has the potential for conflicts so try to be more tolerant, more compassionate and understanding and less argumentative. And do not let sexual problems come in the way of stable relationships.

Makara Rasi 2016 Forecasts For Health


The Bhavishya Rasi predictions for 2016 foretell that you may have some minor health problems, Capricorn. But first you need to take care of your mental health. You will feel better in the summer months but make sure you don’t overdo it. Take care of yourself and follow doctors’ orders. Some old illnesses like cramps and water retention may come back to raise their ugly head. But toward the end of the year you will get your treatment underway. Also try these home remedies for instant relief.

During May and June 2016 you may suffer with a cold, pollen allergies or other respiratory illness so rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Capricorn, you will have to take care of yourself this year. You are under a lot of stress from work and this can affect your physical health. Try and take it easy as much as possible.

All in all 2016 is a good year for the Makara Rashi. The quality of your life should improve as the year goes on. There will be some tough times (especially with your career) but there will be some good times as well (with your relationships and family most of all.) Try to rest, relax and take care of yourself Capricorn but also make sure to have some fun!

Keep a look out for the 2017 Makar Rashifal.

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