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Libra Love Horoscope 2016

Yearly Libra Love Horoscope 2016

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Libra love horoscope 2016 foretells that this year you will find more growth and bliss in love life and all the impediments will vanish due to beneficial planetary alignments. Possibility of an auspicious marriage or formation of an enduring romantic relationship for the Librans is bright due to the influence of Jupiter.


Social life will improve tremendously with the inclusion of influential and powerful contacts into your social group. Life with your spouse will be harmonious and romantic for the Libra personalities. If you do not have any offspring, beginning of the year is ideal for conceiving or planning for a pregnancy. Single Librans in love will be able to find ideal partners.

Libra Love Forecasts 2016 For New Relationships


The Libra 2016 love astrology forecasts that love is to be discovered nearer home with the help of local friends or in social get-togethers. You may also be looking at dating people at work. Your partner may be from overseas who can be rich, fun loving, cultured and learned.

New love partnerships are likely to be formed abruptly and mature quickly. Your social intelligence will flourish and formation of fresh Libran friendships will also be sudden. Unstable love matches will end in a breakup during the 2016 Mercury retrogrades.

2016 libra love horoscope

2016 Libra Love Predictions For Present Relationships

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From January to September 2016, Libra relationships may turn out to be tricky as you realize that some of them are not committed and honest. This will lead to more cynicism and frustration on your part and you will drift away from these friends.


2016 Marriage Predictions For The Scales

During 2016, you will take more interest in the education of your children. You will make serious efforts to develop their spiritual and creative talents. In the month of February 2016, you should be sensitive to the feelings of your children. The Libran parents will pamper their children and in return look forward for great things from them. Relationship will be more emotional and you are likely to be carried away by your feelings while dealing with the young ones.


Married people of the Scales zodiac sign will have a pleasant love compatibility with their soul mates who in turn will be actively engaged in promoting their financial ventures. People looking for second or third marriages will be happy with their social engagements. Marriages are not expected to happen for these Librans during 2016.

From the month of May to September 2016, family life tends to be strenuous for the Libra star sign due to planetary retrogrades. Conflicts in family relationships will be common due to minor irritants. You may be autocratic and try to force your decisions on family members. Minor problems will blow up unnecessarily affecting the peace and harmony in family environment. Hidden contradictions will come to the surface in marriage compatibility.

Libra 2016 Sex Horoscope

Sexually, Librans will have a blissful 2016. Couples planning for a child can go ahead. In bed, Libra zodiac people will try their best to please their partner by trying out new things.

Libra Love Compatibility 2016


The 2016 Libra love horoscope predicts that in January 2016, you will be seriously committed to your family and you will shower your love and affection on your parents. February 2016 is a very good time for married couples.

In May, love is active and you will have many opportunities to form romantic partnerships. You should be clear about your expectations and make the right move to get your true love.


June and July 2016 will be happy and romantic for Libra love affairs. You will be more practical in the month of August and your relationships will be confirmed by the end of September 2016. Relationships may be on trial during October while in November there will be more liveliness in your love life. The 2016 astrology predictions show that December 2016 will see you concentrate more on family affairs and by end of the year something concrete will happen in your love life.

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