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Leo Horoscope 2014

Leo Horoscope 2014

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2014 starts well for the Leo sun sign in love, career and relationships. The period of silence that began in June 2013 appears to be ending.

The 2014 Leo horoscope predicts that in this year you will apply new energy in every area of your life. Up to the middle of July you may reconsider some aspects of your life and you may find that some major concerns have been eliminated.

You have not been as open as usual because Jupiter was in the 12th house of secrets. Equally, your job may have simply taken all of your time allowing little relaxation. However the changes you have made to your life can leave you exhausted.


July 24 maybe the day you show some one that you are their beloved. It is predicted that in 2014 you are less conventional. Friends may be the ones who bring extra happiness to you. In August, good things may occur adding a new aspect to your relationship. You will be given a boost by new acquaintances. Jupiter retrograde will lead to a quiet time. You will need to consider others as well as yourself.


The 2014 Leo astrological forecast indicates that from March to July 2014 everything you touch may be delayed because Saturn is retrograde. Nothing might work out correctly at present. As the cost of housing may go up, an option to reduce expenses may be to get a roommate. Could there be a child entering the family? If you have things you no longer need sell them.

Your home life will become easier in December. Saturn in the house of family is responsible for this. You will feel your burden to be greatly reduced. This testing time has brought you the knowledge and strength.

Leo 2014 Horoscope: An Overview – A Look at the Year Ahead, Love, Career, Finance, Health, Family, Travel, Leo Monthly Horoscopes


In 2014 the Leo career predictions forecast that work will have many benefits. The pace will be quick but you will do excellent work. Concentration and endurance will bring you great gains in 2014. Also see the numerology horoscope 2015 for predictions on the coming year.

Money / Finance

The Leo 2014 money horoscope foretells that an inheritance may be in the cards. On June 6 any money related information should be positive. The use of a budgeting tool would be beneficial.


Counseling will assist you in dealing with any emotional concerns. This will be especially suitable in early 2014. Provide any help you can to a friend in need. Listen to your instincts to find the right path. On May 6, this year and you will find a life altering answer.

With Jupiter in the house of personality in June be especially aware of yourself. Pamper and transform yourself, until you feel shiny new. The increase in your confidence will be significant. Opportunities are chasing you at the moment. So do not let go of good prospects in career.


Leo 2014 Monthly Horoscopes

January will be a social month for the Leos. Love, health and work will be great.

February will test your limits. Be diplomatic.

March will not be a good month for finances. Love life will be active.

April will be good for career and business.

Career will make major demands on your life in May. Be sure to have the right balance.

June will need you to take care of your health. You will enjoy your work.

July will require you to listen to your intuition. Go slow.

August will bring one of the best financial periods.

September will be a month of caution in both personal and professional life.

October will be a very stressful month that will affect health, career and finances.

November will a month for the family.

December is a month when you will need to make new strategies for the coming year.

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