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Kark 2016 Rashifal Predictions

2016 Kark Rashifal – General

Kark Rashifal 2018

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The Bhavishya Rasi Jyotish for 2016 predicts that this year might turn out to be a little difficult for the Karka Rashi. You will engage in power struggles and fight for control with others. You will feel that people are trying to oppose you and control you.


The Kark Rasi in 2016 will feel restless, agitated and bored with life. You are not sure what to do. When you make changes, be sure to do your homework and much research first, otherwise, it will blow up in your face.


The changes that you most need to make to be happy are within yourself. When you are happy with the inside, the outside will come too. It will require a great deal of work to get out of this hole you have dug yourself into. It will take time to break out of the negative cycle.

The Kark Rashifal 2016 suggests that you try making small changes in your life at first. Make sure you think and plan them through carefully. Then build up to the bigger changes but also research these thoroughly as well. Change the little things about yourself that you have wanted to change for a while now. Start small and get bigger. Remember, baby steps Cancer!

kark rashi 2016

2016 Karka Rashi Career Predictions


The Karka 2016 yearly horoscope predicts that things look good on the career and business front. You continue to try to decide what you want from life and what you want to do.

Great success and opportunities in business and work come through for you by September 2016. This will lead to more responsibilities for the coming years. So get ready! Read more about this in the Numerology 2016 horoscope.


Kataka Rasi 2016 Finance Horoscope

The finance astrology 2016 predictions for the Kark Rasi suggest that money wise, you will do well from March through August 2016.

Be careful at the end of August through September that you don’t spend too much. You need to plan and save for the rainy day right away.

Love & Family 2016 Karka Rasifal

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The Varshik Rashifal 2016 foretells that things will get better in the love life of the Cancer zodiac sign. You have struggled with relationships in the past but that should come to an end this year. You should have figured out your issues and what was blocking love in your life. Now you can have the committed relationship you want. Things will get better in July and August 2016. You can even test your Manglik matching with your lover.

The first couple of months, January and February 2016 will be difficult for the Karka Rasi with their other relationships. Family and friends may find you too needy and clingy. So just be careful about trying to get closer with loved ones at the beginning of this year.


Children have been more of a concern these last few years. Relations with your children have been strained in the past but they will get better this year.

Karka, If you are in a relationship, it may have been strained in the past but things will get better this year. So will the relationships with your family and friends, especially your children. The 2016 Karka Rashiphal forecasts that if you are not single and don’t have children, this could be on the cards this year as well.

Kark Rasi 2016 Forecasts For Health

The 2016 Kark Rasifal forecasts that health is one area that can really change your life. 2016 is a great time to change the past. Change your unhealthy habits whether it is improving your diet and exercise or quitting smoking and alcohol addiction or other bad habits. Now is the time for change!

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can change today. You have wanted to change for a longtime now, so do it. Many Crabs might be dealing with stress and health issues so they would benefit from relaxation and time for themselves. These healthy lifestyle changes will work wonders towards improving your life and attitude. Meditation for opening the Kundalini can work wonders. Then so many other things can fall into place for you Cancer.

The Varshik Rashifal for Kark Rashi suggests that the theme for Cancer for 2016 is self-improvement. You will be looking towards the future and looking within yourself. You long to grow and learn new things. Now is your chance. 2016 is your year to work towards a better future and a new you!

Keep a look out for the 2017 Kark Rashifal.

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