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Chinese Horse Horoscope 2014

Chinese Horse Horoscope 2014

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For those born under the Chinese horse sign 2014 is predicted to be full of excitement. This will be the case in every aspect of your life.

The horse is lively, energetic, warm-hearted and capable. The Chinese see the horse as constantly trying to improve. It was common to refer to a person who was exceptionally capable as Qianli ma, this term refers to a horse with the reference to traveling an exceptional distance in a day.


Communications is a skill that is common to those born in the Year of the Horse. They will often take up a career that is filled with adventure. Because they are exceptionally clever and kind they need to find a way to put the special talents to use.

The vast majority of Chinese Horse people have a good temperament, but they may have a stubborn streak. And every so often you will run into an individual Chinese horse that never stops talking. Amongst co-workers and friends they are usually very popular.


To continue the equine allusions they resist tight control. Some Chinese zodiac Horse people do not have a great deal of depth. But they do tend to follow their own hearts and are generally strong. Sometimes they do not control their spending as well as they might. While they may take interest in many different subjects they do not complete everything they start, sometimes not even their assigned tasks. Chinese horse people love the glamor of a career that makes them a celebrity and do not prefer the quiet life.

In matters of health it would be wise in 2014 to visit your dentist. But otherwise your health is forecast to be good through the year.

The Chinese Horse horoscope for 2014 predicts that any examinations or tests required for your employment will go well in 2014. In your career, things will go exceptionally well. In your work life you will be unbeatable. However if you are reviewing a new venture it would be wise to deliberate carefully on the appropriate course of action.

It is highly predicted that a joyful family event will take place in the later part of the year. In 2014 any travel abroad will be related to your employment.

One of the Chinese zodiac predictions for Horse people in 2014 is that you will make your feelings clear to the one you love. However this will occur over time. For Chinese Horse people the best connection will be with the Chinese Tiger, Sheep or Dog people. The Chinese Ox, Horse and Monkey people are far from ideal choices.

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