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Christian Bale

Birthday :

January 30, 1974

Birth Place :

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

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A hesitant and charismatic movie megastar, Christian Bale became a professional at age 13. He played a role of a spoiled British boy in Steven Spielberg’s World War II 1987. His reformative was an indication that acting was his breath and life. But the results didn’t last for long, and he temporarily backed off as an actor. Reason being he was quite uneasy and uncomfortable with his modernist fame.

Christian later emerged with a splendid performance in several dramatic films in 1990. The Little Woman, The Portrait of a Lady film was one of a kind. Even then in 2000, he played an American Psycho that gave him a stance on the Hollywood map. Everybody loves his disarming and charming smile.

Not to mention his newly chiseled feature is appreciated everywhere he steps. He once stated that he wouldn't step back till he has reinvented himself for every role. Allow me to remind you that in 2004 Bale lost a shocking amount of money just to play an insomniac film. Let’s just say that he is good at what he does.

Childhood and Early Life

Christian Bale was born on January 30th, 1974, In Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom. Though he was born in Wales, Bale’s parents were of English descent. His father; David Charles Howard Bale was an entrepreneur, talent manager, and a commercial pilot. His mother, Jenny James was a former circus clown as well as a great performer.

Bale is the youngest child of four children, hence having three elder sisters; Louise Bale, director and theater actress; Sharon Bale, a computer professional and Erin Bale, a musician. His family has typically rooted in different business shows, especially in the theater. His distant relatives such as Lillie Langtry and Rex Bale were actors.

He left Wales in 1976 and spent his childhood times in different countries. He spent most of his time in England and Portugal. He later came to settle back to Henley-on-Thames and Bournemouth for four years. He got a chance to get educated at Independent Dolphin School in Berkshire and Bournemouth School. He loved sports, especially rugby. He seemingly defines his childhood as being fun and memorable.

For instance, Bale was mesmerized by his mother’s occupation of being in a circus. In 1982, he got a chance to act in a foray commercial for a fabric softener company. In 1984, he played a child rock star in a Pac-Man cereal commercial.


Later Life

As a prolific actor, the American Psycho movie was an excellent turnaround for Christian Bale. It brought immense success both at the box office and other home theaters. The film made a drawing of about $34 million. The movie presented itself in a cliqued kind of manner. He continued to shine as he took the role of Patrick Bateman or ‘Batman.' Both films brought an impeccable success overseas and the US. His first film brought in $370 million globally. The second series garnered $1000 million while his third set brought in $1084 million.

Another film that made Bale a star in his later life was ‘The Fighter.' The film was welcomed with open arms as well as positive critics. It earned $129 million at the box office only. That has already returned its cost of production by five times.



Christian Bale received impeccable awards such as The Golden Globe Award and Academy Award.


Personal Life and Legacy

Christian Bale tied the knot with ‘”Sibi” her real names as Sandra Blazic. She was a former make-up artist and model. Bale and Sidi were blessed with a daughter Emmeline. Another side of his life is that he is an activist and philanthropist. Besides, Bale funds environmental groups such as World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.

In all of his life, he has set a thrilling effect for most Hollywood films. The good thing is that he did not follow his path as a child actor. Lots of artists fall into prey of early fame and struggle to transition back to adult movie scenes. Christian Bale continues to shun the limelight and instead focus on encouraging upcoming artists.

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