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Carlos Saura

Birthday :

January 4, 1932

Birth Place :

Huesca, Aragon, Spain

Zodiac Sign :


Childhood and Early Life

Spanish film director, writer, and photographer Carlos Saura was born on the 4 January 1932 in Huesca, Aragon, Spain. He was one of four children born to Antonio Saura Pacheco and Fermina Torrente.



Carlos Saura studied film directing at the Madrid Institute of Cinema Research and Studies (1957).


Rise to Fame

Carlos Saura began directing by making short films while still a student. After graduation, he taught at the Madrid Institute of Cinema Research and Studies (1957-1963). In 1958, he won a prize for Cuenca, a short documentary. His first feature film was Los Golfos (1959). As Spain was under a military dictatorship and censorship was in place, the heavy film was edited yet still brought him to the attention of the authorities. Pressure from the Franco government resulted in Saura being fired from his teaching position at the Madrid Institute of Cinema Research and Studies (1963).



Films Carlos Saura directed include The Hunt (1965), Peppermint Frappe (1967), Cría Cuervos (1976), Mama Turns 100 (1979), Blood Wedding (1981), Carmen (1983) and A Love Bewitched (1966).

The Gardens of Delight (1970), Anna and the Wolves (1972), Cousin Angelica (1973), Fast, Fast (1981), El Dorado (1988), ¡Ay, Carmela! (1990), Taxi (1996), Tango (1998)Goya in Bordeaux (1999) and  Salome (2002) are the other films.


Awards and Achievements

Carlos Saura has received many nominations and awards including a 1985 BAFTA Best Foreign Language Film for Carmen (1983). He has been nominated for three Academy Awards for  Best Foreign Language Film: 1980 Mamá cumple 100 años, 1984 for Carmen and 1999 for Tango.

From the 1960s onwards, Saura has been consistently acknowledged at The Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prix of the Jury award in 1976, the Technical Grand Prize in 1983 and the Best Artistic Contribution at the 1983 festival for Carmen.


Personal Life

Carlos Saura had two children with his first wife Adela Medrano: Carlos Saura Medrano (b. 1958) and Antonio Saura (b. 1960). In 1974, he had a son Sean with Geraldine Chaplin. His second wife was Mercedes Pérez, and they had three children: Manuel (b. 1980), Adrián (b. 1984) and Diego (b. 1987). He married Eulàlia Ramon, and they had a daughter: Anna Saura Ramón (b.1994).

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