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Birthday :

March 20, 1502

Died On :

July 26, 1533

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Ibarra, Imbabura, Ecuador

Zodiac Sign :


The last Incan (now Peru) ruler Atahualpa remains to be the central figure in the history of South America. It wasn’t a doubt he took his post seriously. From other biographer’s perspective, Atahualpa opened several sources of debates. At some point, even ancient philosophers were unsure of his real trait. He once authorized a civil war between him and his blood brother where he won by murdering him only to take over as the next heir. His past practices labeled him a bloodthirsty ruler. To the invaders, friends and his family, he was friendly and composed to the bone. What’s interesting is that Atahualpa carried several personality traits. Allow us to explain who Atabalipa (his other name) was in a jiffy. 


If we haven’t yet mentioned above, then here is his synopsis. His fame called when he killed his brother to take over the throne. His brother was the thirteenth in line to become Inca (now Peru), King. Not only that but he also won the civil war but later captured and detained for ransom. His dream of becoming the next heir was cut short after his execution by a Spanish soldier, Francisco Pizarro.

And now comes the best part, personality. Since its inception, the emperor grew up as an emotional being. There was a considerable difference between what he showed and who he was. It’s interesting also to note that his bravery carried most of his days. He played a huge role in his family and the Spanish. However, Atahualpa was independent and goal oriented. Why? He always got what he wanted except when he offered silver to the intruders, but they ended up killing him.

His leadership skill drips down to his in-time schedule. From the word go, he pursued what he loved best. In spite of his outstanding personalities, the ruler opens the doors for Spanish Colonization in South America. This happened after his arrest.

Guess what might have happened if he wasn’t captured and seized? He would have spent his energy wisely. He would have made vital decisions based on his ideas and more so passion. We wonder if he could have gone further as a King. His logic might have suggested otherwise. Up to this, we will never know what type of King he would have been. Wonders of the world, I guess.


Background Check

It is presumably claimed that Atahualpa saw his first in 1502 in Peru. He was the younger child to Huayna Capac, Incan King. The Incans spent their livelihood in the mountains. Atahualpa’s mother served as a princess. Well, the Incan society only accepted to marry each other whether related on not. Incan mistresses had an opportunity to rule. For this reason, half-sibling wars became rampant and at some point a usual course.

Atahualpa had an elder brother called Huascar and other siblings. Even though he wasn’t next in line, his father fell in love with his trait. In that case, the young lad had to do the unthinkable to soar to greater heights. Glad his self-esteem was up to the par.


Empire Division

Atabalipa’s older brother, Huayna succumbed to smallpox. As a result, it paved the way to the rule indifference between the Huascar and Atahualpa. Soon, civil war started between two blood brothers. Atahualpa had his share thus the Northern region while his brother the Southern part.

After some time, the great leader seized his brother, and that is what led to his ruling in the Incan land. He succeeded his brother with over 50,000 troops. At that time, there was nothing else than war and defeat that spoke the loudest. However, the civil war brought severe repercussion including division and mistrust. After some time the Spanish maneuvered and benefited from the same venture.   


Caught By Invaders

After the end of the war, Atahualpa received news that invaders wanted to enter his land. After a confirmation that they weren’t a threat, he gave them a chance to explore his territory. Note that these were Spanish explorer with Francisco Pizarro being their leader. They settled for a while in his camp since they were over two hundred of them. Little did he know that death was a stone’s throw away. Within seconds a day arrived where thousands of his men were killed since they were all unarmed. It is now famously called as the Cajamarca war. His certainty once again got him into trouble.

For this reason, Atahualpa was captured and imprisoned. He offered a room full of silver and gold for his release, but his recommendation fell in the deaf ear. That is how Francisco claimed the Incan land as part of Spain after killing Atahualpa in July 1533 in Cajamarca, Peru.

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