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Alfred Moisiu

Birthday :

December 1, 1929

Birth Place :

Shkoder, Shkoder, Albania

Zodiac Sign :


Alfred Moisiu rose to fame as the 4th acting President of Albania. He remained in the office for five years. He ruled his nation for one term, but he brought nothing else than massive transformation to the Albanians. In his way, he forgot about his private life after embracing public life. He was never in doubt that he has come to change other people’s livelihood.

Aside from his Presidential tenure, Alfred Moisiu once served in the Albanian Army. He was first positioned as the Assistant Minister of Defense and later the chief Minister of Defense. 

Childhood and Early Life

On December 1, 1929, a duo called Aspasi Druga and Spiro Theodore Moisiu was blessed with a son in Shkoder. He was none other than Alfred Spiro Moisiu whose father acted as the Major General under the Albanian National Liberation Army. It was early in 1946 that Alfred was taken to the Soviet Union and later he went to join military engineering school where he graduated in 1948. After several years, Alfred was admitted to the Academy of Military Engineering where he received his medal in 1958.



It was after receiving the gold medal that Alfred Moisiu returned to Albania. He then joined the Ministry of Defense engineers’ department. In 1966 he was appointed as the leading man or a commander in Kivaje. He remained in the seat for five years. Simultaneously, he got a position as the leading officer of the Bureau of Engineering in 1971.

In 1979 Moisiu studied military science where he received his Ph.D. After a while, he was selected to chair as the Deputy Minister of Defense. In 1981 he proposed the introduction of bunkerisation-steel bunkers in Albania. However, the proposal resulted in expulsion from his Defense seat. He then went to work as the commander of several engineering companies, but he later called it quit in 1984.

For seven years, Alfred Moisiu went to live in the wilderness. Afterward, he was reinstated back to his seat as the Minister of Defense but under Wilson Ahmeti’s government. He also served as the assistant counselor of Ministry of Defense.

In 1994 Alfred started to advocate the Albanian politics where he worked as the deputy minister. It was the same year that he co-founded an Albanian North Atlantic Association where he was chosen as the foreman. His end aim was to join a military alliance called NATO. In 1995 he helped Albania to form a peaceful program with NATO. After some time; the Albanian Socialist Party was established, and Alfred was eliminated from his government seat.

In 2002, Alfred Moisiu was advised to vie for the presidency after a substantial agreement from above. He joined the Democratic Party of Albania where he won with a majority of votes superseding Bamir Topi. He remained in the position for five years.


Alfred’s Major Works

At a glance, Alfred Moisiu played a significant role when he was the acting President of Albania. His major work included instituting the Albanian North Atlantic Association in 1994. It was the only guild that paved the way for a NATO project called Partnership for Peace.


Personal Life and Legacy

Alfred Moisiu tied a nuptial knot with Milica Moisiu. The house was blessed with four children: a son called Admir and three daughters Ana, Rubena, and Mirela. It was in 2004 that Alfred Moisiu received tragic news about his son’s death, Admir through an accident. His dearest wife called it quit to the world in 2002, the same year that Alfred was announced as the President of Albania.

Above all, Alfred Moisiu still plays a significant role when it comes to his leadership skill not only in Albania but internationally.

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