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Effective Home Remedies For 6 Types Of Bacterial Skin Infections

What Are Bacterial Infections?

Bacterial skin infections are fairly common in adults. There are many types of bacterial skin infections, so in this article I will give a brief overview of some general things that will help your specific type of skin infection. The types of bacterial skin infections that this article will discuss are cellulitis, erysipelas, furuncles, carbuncles, impetigo, and folliculitis.

If you have any of these infections, you should see a doctor for proper treatment. Some of these infections can be highly serious and can only be fixed by a doctor or medicine. However, if your skin infection is not yet severe, some of these home remedies may be able to help you.

Home Remedies For 6 Common Bacterial Infections

#1. Cellulitis

A very painful infection, cellulitis can occur on any part of the body. It usually shows up near surgical wounds, feet, the face, hands, buttocks, and neck. This is more common if you have a low white blood cell count or diabetes.

The types of bacterial skin infections that this article will discuss are cellulitis, erysipelas, furuncles, carbuncles, impetigoThe area will look swollen and red. If you do have diabetes, you should only let a doctor treat your injury. In most cases, doctors will give out medicine to fix the problem. In many cases, the medicine can cure cellulitis pretty quickly.

Home Remedy For Cellulitis

There really is no natural remedy to fix this at home. You should just see a doctor to fix the problem. However, you may use warm and cold compresses to ease the pain of the infection. Do not try anything else to cure this on your own without asking your doctor.

#2. Erysipelas

This infection, also known as St. Anthony ’s fire, is less painful than cellulitis. This infection usually shows up near the legs and face. Unlike cellulitis, erysipelas does not get very red or form around wounds.

Unfortunately, it can also come with flu-like symptoms. Doctors will usually treat this with penicillin and other medicines that they would use to treat cellulitis. This most common in very young and old people, other people with weakened immune systems, alcoholics, and diabetics.

Home Remedy For Erysipelas

There is more that you can do for erysipelas than you can do for cellulitis. Hot and cold compresses are still a good idea. There is not much you can do at home for the infection itself, but you can help the flu-like symptoms. Keep hydrated, get plenty of bed rest, avoid dairy products, and don’t eat anything that will upset your stomach.

#3. Furuncles

Furuncles and carbuncles are a type of hair follicle infection. You can get furuncles by bathing in infected water or hot tubs. The infection will look like a bunch of small bumps all over the area, like goose bumps, but red. Eventually the follicle will burst and drain on its own, or it can be drained by a doctor.

Home Remedy For Furuncles

Doctors should be left to deal with this, as it is very serious. One thing you can do is not scratch the bumps. Baking soda mixed with a little bit of water can make a great anti-itch natural home remedy, as can cornstarch. Ask your doctor before you try either of these though.

#4. Carbuncles

Another type of follicle infection, Carbuncles is much more painful than furuncles. Carbuncles are deeper than furuncles in your body. These are extremely painful and if you have this you should see a doctor RIGHT AWAY to prevent accidental bursts and drainage of the inside of the infection. There is no home remedy for this kind of infection, just see a doctor.

#5. Folliculitis

And yet another follicle infection, folliculitis is caused by injury that could let bacteria in, or chemical exposure that can also let in bacteria. Luckily, this kind of infection is not very painful.

You will notice boils on the infected area, but they shouldn’t hurt too much. Rarely the infection can get worse and start to cause pain. You should have seen a doctor by that stage though.

Home Remedy For Folliculitis

There is a natural home remedy to help to treat the pain. Benzoyl peroxide can be rubbed on the infected area, but not too roughly. Ask your doctor before you try this though, as it may not be safe to use depending on the extent of the infection.

#6. Impetigo

Most common in children aged two to five, impetigo looks like a series of dots around a child’s mouth. The may be red or yellow in color. This infection occurs when bacteria infects a wound, if your child has a type of herpes, or other pre-existing disease.

If your child has this, and their urine starts to change into strange colors, then they might have developed another disease as well, and you should take them to a doctor.

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Home Remedy For Impetigo

There isn’t much of a home remedy that you can do here. You can find antibacterial ointments for your child’s dots, but that’s about it. Make sure that your child does not scratch the area, as that could cause the dots to burst. Have your child get checked by a doctor to make sure that it is just impetigo and not something more serious.

Hopefully this article can help you better understand your skin infection and help you to at least get a little relief at home with these natural remedies. Remember that it is highly important to see a doctor if you have any one of these infections. Good luck!

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