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Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2014

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2014

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The Chinese Horse year is predicted to bring good fortune to Dragons in almost every aspect of life according to the Dragon zodiac predictions for 2014.

The Chinese Dragon is a being who is highly regarded for his power, his successes, his distinctiveness, his capabilities and his good luck. Among the Chinese there is a belief that The Dragon has these gifts through the grace of the gods. The name for the emperor is Dragon used as an honorific. The Emperor’s throne is traditionally called “the Dragon throne”.

The Dragon 2014 forecasts predict that when the family comes together in 2014 the event will be a joyful one. For those born in the Dragon sign, marriage may be a real option this year. The best matches for dragon people will be Chinese Rooster, Monkey and Rat. A successful match with the Chinese Ox, Dog or Tiger people is unlikely in 2014.

Travel within the country is probable, but traveling internationally does not seem likely. A visitor from abroad may appear unexpectedly on your door in the later part of 2014.

The 2014 Dragon Zodiac Horoscope predicts that your health will be excellent, and illnesses will be minor, such as a cold.

At work, strong competition will be present during 2014, but this is predicted to be in regard to a challenge to win a promotion and monetary compensation. For those in the sports world a very special opportunity should appear in this Year or the Horse.


A perfectionist at heart, the Chinese zodiac Dragon makes a fine leader. As a rule the dragon is a fiery person. A Dragon is not easily turned away from his objective. Their reputation is important to them, and while powerful they may be slightly naive. The Dragon will honor truth. Difficulties do not frighten the Dragon, but these people do like to be in control.


Dragon women may be a touch too sure of themselves, and all Dragons may be impatient. On occasion a Dragon may be moody. Often they are a little eccentric; not as conventional as others. Dragons are often unsure of the future. While the Dragon enjoys romance, love is rarely a part of his life. Highly successful Dragon People have had to overcome their habit of running from any kind of failure.

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