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Chinese Dog Horoscope 2014

Chinese Dog Horoscope 2014

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The flavor of 2014, the Chinese Year of the Horse for the Dog zodiac sign is that it will involve many expenses and there may be a considerable cost involved in things that you take up during this year. Read your 2014 Chinese astrology Dog predictions to know more.

A rich man or a poor man can have a dog as a friend. Traditionally the Chinese see a dog as a bringer of fortune. A stray that comes to your home is a symbol of impending monetary good fortune. Often the dog becomes part of the family. The luckiest dog is a black poodle. Dogs have also been companions to many of the legendary immortals.


Those born in the Year of the Dog are very direct. In all aspects of their lives they show loyalty, courage, brains and warmth. They may be very active individuals. Their wisdom allows them to maintain silence when it is appropriate to do so. Chinese Dog zodiac people build confidence in those around them. If they sincerely believe they are right, they are almost impossible to move. As a rule, dog people make excellent leaders. When they are captivated by love there is nothing that can change that choice.


Dog women are sometimes seen to be cold and aloof but they often have great physical appeal. Those born in the Dog Year often find faults with others easily, and may have an acidic tongue. There temper may be unreliable.

It is predicted that Chinese Dog sign people who are jobseekers will find an appropriate opportunity in the later part of 2014. This is the year in which Chinese Dogs may find that their employer is rarely pleased with their work. The employer needs greater creativity and new ideas. This demand will make your job somewhat difficult. Recent contributions for charity will be recognized as significant.

It is possible that those who are Chinese Dogs will find the need to spend a good deal of money in regard to their health, forecasts the 2014 Dog Horoscope.

It may be that your affections will not be returned without spending a great deal of money on your partner. The individual you are interested in may not be interested in you. Travel with your partner may occur during the months of November and December. The most compatible matches for a Chinese dog person in 2014 will be with the Chinese Tiger, Horse, and Rabbit. Matches with the Chinese Dragon, Rooster and Ram will be unsuccessful. Get detailed predictions with the Chinese Horoscope 2015.

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