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Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test

Since diabetes is a frighteningly common disorder these days it is good to know the risk factors and take preventative actions. This test can help you see if you may be a risk, and provides some good ideas about how to avoid the illness. If there is a chance you could be affected try the Diabetes Risk Test today, and safeguard your health.

The Diabetes risk test is a self-diagnosis test designed to let you determine if you are at risk for diabetes. Diabetes is in 2013 and 2014 the plague of our time. It is expected that the number of people suffering this disorder will double in the next twenty years. When you allow that nearly 10 percent of the population is affected by the disorder currently that statistic is frightening.

This disorder is not only serious, it is life threatening if it is not treated correctly. If you are aware that you are at risk then you can take preventative action to avoid developing a full blown version of the disease.

The diabetes risk test makes you aware of the disease and how to protect yourself. You can try some of the alternate, therapies out there for relaxation as stress is a serious risk for a diabetic. Do you know that if you are sleeping too little your blood sugar can go up?

Type 2 diabetes is the type most commonly seen, and it used to be very rare to see the onset before the mid-twenties. Today there are children being diagnosed with this type of diabetes. The body is still producing insulin but the amount is not sufficient to meet the needs of the body. When we eat, our food is broken down into simple sugars and insulin allows the body to use the glucose. Without enough insulin sugar builds in the blood.

The excess sugar acts like tiny shards of glass in the organs of the body damaging the body systems. Areas that may be affected are: higher risk of stroke and heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney failure, blindness and amputation. Symptoms that are commonly seen are: thirst, frequent urination and weight loss.

You can control your risk of becoming diabetic by eating a carefully chosen diet, which is high in vegetables, and whole grains, avoid white flour and sugar, low in non-liquid fats, and save a sweet other than fruit for an occasional treat. It is also helpful to get a full 8 hours sleep if at all possible, and to avoid stress.

Clearly junk food and fattening foods are inadvisable. Those who are apple shaped (plump at the waist) and overweight in general are at heightened risk of diabetes. Did you know that a loss of ten percent of your body weight if you are too heavy will reduce your risk? So lose the weight. Reduce your risk and enrich your life.

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