December 2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius December 2018 Horoscope

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NEW Check Out >> Aquarius Horoscope 2019 & Tiger Horoscope 2019

Aquarius December 2018 Horoscope predicts that professional objectives and worldly desires will be in focus this month as majority of the planets are in the northern sector of the horoscope. Emotional security and family welfare will be in the background.Future prospects will be of interest to you than past accomplishments. Aquarius zodiac sign are looking for status and prestige in the society.

Most of the planets are in the eastern half of the chart. You can attain your goals with your own efforts. Interests of others are not in the picture and social skills are not needed. There is no need to adapt to conditions and people. Personal desires need to be attended to in the month of December 2018.

There will be plenty of progress based on your actions as all the planets are in forward momentum. The 12th House of Spirituality will be powerful in December 2018. Hence spirituality and philanthropy will be in focus this month. You are getting ideas through dreams and you will be involved with charitable work.

Main areas of interest in December 2018 for Aquarius personality will be career growth, social life, spiritual and academic pursuits, overseas travel, philanthropy and personal charisma.

Aquarius Career December 2018 Horoscope:

Horoscope 2018 foretells that professional growth can be enhanced by social networking and communication capabilities. Career Planet, Pluto has shifted to the House of Friends and Group Activities. Your career prospects can be improved with the help of professional associations and by actively participating in their activities. Whatever you have dreamt about your professional future will materialise with the help of planetary influences.

Aquarius December 2018 Astrology Forecasts For Finance:

December 2018 astrology predictions for Aquarius forecast a financially prosperous month. As your dream life is active, you will get ideas to enhance your financial wealth through visions.

Aquarius December 2018 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts:

Aquarius December 2018 monthly horoscope predicts that there will be plenty of romance in your relationships this month. Life with your partner is filled with fun and entertainment, and the relationship will be harmonious. An overseas trip before the 22nd will boost your marriage and chances of pregnancy. Both of you are making extra efforts to keep Aquarius compatibility going.


Singles will find love in spiritual places during conferences and prayer meetings. Love partnerships and Aquarius sexuality will be based on spirituality.

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2018 December Health Astrology Predictions For The Aquarius:

2018 December Aquarius predictions foretell that health will be superb all through the month. The Lunar Eclipse of the 10th is favourable for making changes to your fitness workout and health diet regimes.

December 2018 Aquarius forecasts predict a marvelous month for finance, health and love relationships. Career growth depends on social skills. You may also see Numerology 2018 Horoscope.

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