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Dating Your Secretary: 10 Fabulous Reasons

10 Fabulous Reasons For Dating Your Secretary

Have you been considering dating your secretary in your office? What is holding you down from taking such an adventurous move? Secretaries have a lot of qualities to bring on board when in a relationship. They are organized, caring, loving, and good planners, among other things. Here are ten reasons to date your secretary.

Dating Your Secretary: Do’s And Don’ts

1. Easy To Have Access To

Secretaries are readily available, especially if she is your secretary. You can have access to her at any time with just a call. If you need her service at any point, she will be available to give you that edge to continue your work. Make sure you lock the office during such times.

2. They are Good Managers

You may be the manager, but the secretary is very good at management. They manage and plan your meetings, schedules, and many others at the office. They can translate this trait into their relationship. She will handle your home in a way you can never imagine.

3. Multitasking is One Thing They Do With Ease

Secretaries are excellent when it comes to multitasking. They can handle a lot of things at the same time. Trust them when organizing meetings, taking minutes at meetings, planning your next business meeting, and sending correspondence. This multitasking is needed in a relationship, especially in marriage. Taking care of the home, you, and the children is one thing a secretary can do best as they have learned it on the job.

4. Dating A Good Looking Secretary

As if it is part of their job requirement, secretaries are beautiful and dress sharp. They are mostly the first point of call if one has to meet the boss, so that can be why almost all secretaries are beautiful. What does it look like when dating a beautiful woman? All your friends are going to envy you.

5. They Are Very Reliable

Give them a job with a deadline, and they will deliver on time. Secretaries have learned to be reliable and time conscious because messing up from them can cause a lot to their company. If you have a reliable partner, you will never have divided attention on whether things are going right at home when you are out. They will also meet your needs and help you with your tasks when necessary.

6. They Have Strong Communications Skills

As mentioned in point three, secretaries are mostly the first call to people who want to meet the boss. With this, they possess strong communication skills. They know how to keep people waiting with their communication skills in case the boss is busy. You already know the importance of communication in a relationship, and I wouldn’t want to overemphasize it.

7. They Are Organised if you are Dating Your Secretary

Organizational Skills are one of the qualities of secretaries. They are not only good at organizing meetings and schedules, but they can also help organize your life. Keeping the home in order will be one thing you will never worry about.

8. They Have a Job

Nobody wants to date an unemployed person in this modern world as they come with a lot of baggage. Dating such a person means taking care of their daily needs, which can significantly affect your purse. Many people prefer an employed person such as a secretary to avoid this. Your partner wouldn’t be a burden on you financially as she earns good money. She can assist you in paying bills and managing the home.

9. They are Good Listeners

Taking minutes during meetings demands great attention and good listening ability. For the secretary to take up to speed accounts of encounters proves they are good listeners. She will listen to you when the need be.

10. They Will Be Your Ears in the workplace

On the flip side, dating your secretary means having an ear among the workers. They will listen to all gossip at the workplace and brief you on it. So if the workers are plotting anything against you, she is there to give you the information. This may be a betrayal on the side of the workers but a sign of loyalty to you.

I hope by now you have made up your mind to date the secretary who has been causing “harm” to your eyes. Give it a try, and you will never regret it—Good Luck in Your Quest.

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