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Dating Your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend: Should You?

Dating your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend: Good Or Bad Idea?

Dating your Friend’s Ex-girlfriend should be done with utmost care and positivity. On the other side of the coin, dating your friend’s ex-girlfriend is never easy. Just because they called it to quit doesn’t mean that your options are at their peak. You don’t know why he parted ways with her in the first place. Don’t even think about fancying her curvy looks.

But if she’s ancient for him, don’t cross the line. Sorry you haven’t been in a relationship for a while, and here is the prey. What to do? Think about your relationship with your friend. Will he accept the result? Such things happen in fantasy but not in reality.

I am not talking about dating your colleague at work but your closest friend ex that you’ll never come to hurt or detriment. Yes, he was lucky to hold and touch that soft palm 24/7, but now she’s all gone. She broke up with him in your presence. Before you act, think about your social circle. The ball is in your court, It’s either you get rid of him and keep her.*

Dating Your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend: How To?

1. Handling your Friend’s ex

Guys think that once they have dated a girl, they shouldn’t date their friends. But this isn’t the way to please your broken heart. So always remember that you don’t have possession over anyone’s decision. So If she left you for him, accept and move on.

Not everyone will come to stay with you for a lifetime when people come and go. So learn from your past relationship and acknowledge the changes. But let her free by dating whoever she wants, even your closest friend.

2. Why Love Her and Not Other Beautiful Girls?

Treading wisely should be your norm when it comes to choosing either your friend or ex-girlfriend. The question is, why does an eye for her instead of other beautiful damsels have? So if your feelings are more intense, face the situation at hand. If you wear your male friend’s shoes for a second, and if you don’t fit in, let her go.

I am not implying that he has a determining vote, but progress with caution. But ask yourself some of the consequences that will crop up in between.

3. It’s Acceptable, but First Assess the situation

I get it if you are both in your twenties but not past your thirties. So dating your friend’s ex-girlfriend shouldn’t be a significant issue. But it all depends on the type of ex in the picture. But having a wandering eye shouldn’t be a problem if she dated your friend for a month.

However, don’t twist things if they part ways after five or more years in a relationship. In other words, she isn’t worth keeping or staring at.

Another thing, don’t date her; your friend doesn’t know about it. Nothing good comes out of keeping secrets, especially in relationship matters. Rather than recycling the past and someone’s exes, search for a new partner.

4. Broach the Subject on Time

I will say this once again it’s never a good idea to date your friend’s ex-girlfriend. But it’s better to keep her as a friend and not as a lover. Suppose It becomes worse if they both turn into beneficial friends in the future. Be upfront and face this heartbreaking guy once and for all.

It won’t be the best thought, but honestly, you’ve got no options if you talk to him like an old friend and bring the point home. Tell him you didn’t intend to take her, but unpredictable things happen.


If the girl breaks your heart, don’t seek further advice from your friend. Don’t expect him to hold your hand. Then he won’t even think of patting you on the back. The situation worsens if he doesn’t forgive and forget in the first place.

5. Setting Boundaries

But don’t pressure your friend to attend an event where his ex-girlfriend will participate with you. So if it was you, would you go? You must allow your friend and current lover to decide whether they want to meet. To be on the safer side, try to limit your distance.

Suppose It is 100% wrong to date your friend’s ex-girlfriend. Taking advantage of the situation isn’t the way to tackle your issues.

Whether it’s childhood or teenage friend, don’t cross the line if you genuinely care about his feelings. When you take her ex-lover, it means that you aren’t trustworthy.

Dating Your Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend

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