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Dating A Stutter: 8 Ways You Can Try

8 Ways You Can Try Dating A Stutter

It is challenging to have a verbal conversation with a stutter, much more to date them. But is it their fault? It is estimated that about one percent of the world’s population stutters. Stuttering can result from genetic disorders, stroke, or emotional trauma. Some people were born with it. So if they were born with it, we must have patience when dealing with them. Due to their condition, stutters are the shy type and mostly redraw from social events. So do you feel comfortable dating a stutter? If you are sure to date one, there are some things you need to do.

Dating A Stutter: Things You Should Do

1. Listen to the Attentively

Please, the last thing a stutterer expects from you is asking them to be repeating things. They struggle through their speeches. You would have to pay attention when having a conversation. I am not saying you should just let things go, but spending a little more attention on them can improve your communication with them. Chatting in a more serene environment would be helpful.

2. Don’t Try to Impress

Alright, I just said you must be attentive when communicating with a stutterer. But that doesn’t mean you should pretend you heard something if you did not. You can politely ask your date to repeat him or herself if you missed some words. This shouldn’t be frequent, as already noted.

3. They are easily Provoked

Stutterers easily get provoked, which I noticed in my interaction with some of them. I don’t know whether it’s because they find it difficult to talk, but the last thing gets them overboard. To address this, you must try not to be offensive around them. Never try to make fun of the condition because they wouldn’t take it lightly.

4. They may Feel Reluctant to Talk Sometimes if you are Dating a Stutter

Some stutters find it uncomfortable to talk, especially those with severe cases. They feel shy and have low self-esteem because people who know nothing about the condition sometimes look down on them. There are two things to do when this happens.

The first is to let him/him be. Humans sometimes want to be left alone, which is normal. So give them that space if they refuse to talk, not because of an earlier provocation or a fight. But if it is because of low self-esteem, it helps build their confidence.

5. You Have to Support Them

The support can be in different forms. But the best it is to encourage them constantly. Some forms of stuttering disappear with time. Some people used to stutter, but the condition has improved tremendously. You can use this as a basis to encourage them. Tell them they are sweet even though they stammer. Let them know they are great, and assure them they can overcome the condition someday. Doing this can build their confidence level, and that can improve their speech.

6. Have Patience

Please, you can’t talk to a stutterer like any average person. If you have less time to communicate, then you should move on. You can never force words out of their mouth, so forget it cos it won’t work. Putting pressure on them to talk can even worsen the condition. You need to have the patience to communicate with a stutterer effectively. If you like them, have time!

7. Don’t Make Fun of Them

It is unacceptable to make fun of someone’s condition. He might feel offended no matter how close you are to that person. So, I see comedians who create jokes about people’s disabilities as unprofessional and unethical. Doing this only does more harm than good. It can affect their confidence level.

8. You Can Communicate Through other Medium

Some forms of stuttering are severe and don’t encourage any fruitful conversation. So why don’t you rely on other media to communicate? There are dozens of communication apps, including Whatsapp, Wechat, and IMO.

You can use any of these mediums to improve your communication with your partner. Since it is non-verbal communication, they will feel free to chat without hindrances.

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