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Dating A Politician: 7 Things You Can’t Avoid

7 Things You Can’t Avoid While Dating A Politician

Politicians are not only interested in canvassing votes during an election, but they also have a romantic side. There are some things you can’t avoid while dating a politician. Like any other person, they have significant others they resort to after a hard day’s work. So let’s pretend to forget about their failed campaign promises and focus on their love life. In a previous article, I gave you 11 reasons to date a politician.

Dating A Politician: Things to Look Forward to

1. Joining them on Campaign Platforms

If you are married to or dating a politician, you will join them on the campaign platform one day. You will be directly involved by acting as a campaign aid or be by their side to inspire and cheer them on as they make their campaign promises.

2. The Booing

Not everyone likes your significant other, so there will be some opposition members who will choose to come to the campaign to cause trouble. There will also have some aggrieved citizens who are peeved by your partner’s unfulfilled campaign promises in the last elections. So, for the results, your guess is good as mine. You are going to be booed and chased out from some communities. This can be a nightmare.

3. Having to Mingle with Different People

To canvas for votes for your partner, you will have to mingle with different people and go to communities you would typically not go to. You will face mean, snobbish, and non-accommodative people. Let me be fair here. You will also get to meet very nice people.

4. Expect Cancelling of Dates if you are dating A Politician

You will have to endure a lot of canceled dates when you date a politician. While you are waiting for your partner to show up, they may be busy attending to some other vital issues, including meeting with a campaign strategist or having a meeting with the president.

5. Meeting With High-Class People

You can’t avoid meeting high-class personalities when you date a politician. You must also upgrade your wardrobe with nice clothing because you will have to attend high-class events with your partner. There may be a chance to meet the president. Sounds good, right?

6. Engaging them in Debates

Politicians and debating are synonymous. They try to defend their position at all costs while in parliament or during a discussions program. Your partner wouldn’t end the debates in the parliament house or media discussion but will extend it to the house.

You will have to engage them in numerous debates on various topics. So be ready to debate whether introducing a tax policy is good or bad or whether a pay cut in the public sector is justified.

7. You Can’t Avoid Having Rivals

Politicians are trendy. They have power and are also financially sound. All these qualities make them get secret admirers.

Some wouldn’t just admire them secretly but will try to have them. They may choose to confront you, or you will have to face them.

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