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Dating A Masseuse: 6 Things To Know

6 Things To Know Before Dating A Masseuse

You have been spying on this fantastic and good-looking woman in your hood for some time now, but approaching her was a big problem. You finally gather the courage to talk to her, and she tells you, “I am a masseuse.”Your first impression was, wow, I would have free massages free now. Free massage, like seriously! Your desire to date a masseuse might be possible, but always having a free massage is a no-no.

 She might do it once in a while, but don’t expect a whole day of intensive and romantic massage that could result in sex. No, she has work to do! Before you even think of proposing to her, here are some things to know.

Dating A Masseuse: Do’s And Don’ts

1. Her Work is a Priority

We all choose our work first before considering our relationship, which is a fact! Finding a good job is very difficult; once you have one, you don’t joke about it. So, you don’t expect her to be around you while her customers wait. She has a business to keep, which would be her number one priority. You must be ready to pay if you want an all-day preferential treatment. Here are some things to expect if you are dating a masseuse.

2. Daily Massage Is a No-no

Do you want a daily massage? Naa, forget it because it won’t ever happen. Perhaps you have to register as a client. Never expect to have a free daily massage because you are dating a masseuse. As I have stated in point one, she has a job to keep and a schedule to meet, so she cannot and will not be wasting all day with you.

She might give you a massage once in a while but forget about it daily. You can, at best, try some tricks on her anytime you need a massage. Just complain of severe backache and pretend you can’t even get off the bed. She will have no option, but you massage you. Isn’t this a nice trick to play?

3. You would have to ask for an Appointment if you are dating a Masseuse

This sounds funny. But that is what you have to do whenever you need a massage. Like other clients, you would also have to book an appointment for her to include you in her schedule. Masseuseare organized people and worked according to plans. You don’t just wake up one day to ask for a massage; no, that won’t work because she has other scheduled appointments. However, if you book an appointment, she will attend to you on schedule.

4. They are Very Active

The masseuse is very active in doing their work and in bed. She can give you one of the best sex you ever had. Just as they can work on others, they also work on themselves. They are flexible, responsive, and very fit for bedmates. There is no scientific proof of this, but it is obvious! Do you want proof? Date a masseuse!

5. They may Train You to Massage Them

Just as the doctor sometimes falls sick and undergoes treatment, a massage therapist will need a massage one day. They experience stress attending to clients now and then, which can be very exhausting. During such times, the best thing you can do is lay her down and give her a romantic massage, which can awaken all her five senses.

So, how do you do this? Let her teach you. Having a little knowledge about your partner’s profession is very important because they need help one day. Just imagine how romantic it would be when massaging her. She will also help you through the process by telling you what to do. Just try your best, and she will appreciate the effort.

6. Jealous Guys, Stay Off

If you are jealous, then a masseuse is not for you. Many guys cannot come to terms with their partners, having to massage other men. They will even be more jealous when it is a private session. But why should this even be a problem if you trust her to be doing a professional job?

Also, as you know, other men would show interest in her and be surprised when that happens. This is the number one lesson for every relationship; you should know it by now. You need to trust her and not rather be suspicious.

Before going in for a masseuse, the above pointers are just a few things to know. Remember that dating a massage therapist is like any other relationship. The only difference is her job. So treat her like you will treat any other woman. Show her love and care and understand her job descriptions.

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