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Yearly Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

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Cancer 2016 love horoscope predicts that love will be quite thrilling in 2016 and will be exciting without any monotonous events. Your attitude towards love and social activities will undergo significant transformations due to the influence of planet Saturn.

Cancerians will be looking for intellectual compatibility in friendships and relationships. Supremacy and social eminence will take a back seat while forming partnerships in 2016.

Cancer Love Forecasts 2016 For New Relationships

The Cancer soulmate will have a major shift in attitude towards love in 2016. You are looking for a person who is more of a friend than a mentor. Single crabs will start dating looking for love with the help of friends and social contacts.

You will find romantic possibilities while attending social functions or in discussion groups. The Cancer might fall in love with business people dealing with science and technology, entertainment or mysticism.

Single Cancerians will find their love partners during the month of March 2016. There will be more fun and enjoyment with your partner. During the month of May, you will require more effort to form new partnerships as you are seriously involved with your profession. There is a chance that you might end up with a broken heart during the 2016 Mercury Retrograde.

2016 cancer love horoscope

2016 Cancer Love Predictions For Present Relationships

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The 2016 love zodiac forecasts for Cancer suggest that if you are already in a relationship with a person who is instrumental in guiding your love life, the bond will not survive.

From the month of March 2016, health and professional concerns will take precedence over love and relationships for the Cancer zodiac sign. Existing relationships have to be reviewed in the month of June and you have to listen to your heart to decide the fate of your partnerships.

2016 Marriage Predictions For The Crab

Married Cancer couples will find compatibility in their love life and marriage will be emotionally gratifying in 2016. Some of the Cancer lovers may be more committed than usual to their marital lives. If you are in a serious relationship, the partnership will see more commitment in January.

Jupiter’s retrograde from May to September 2016 may pose problems in your relationship with your spouse. You can diffuse the situation with tact and compromise. Marriage and pregnancy during this period requires more scrutiny to eliminate possibilities of conflict in future.

If you are a Cancer man or Cancer woman and are looking for a second alliance, chances are that you will not be successful in 2016. You can continue to enjoy life as a single Crab. People looking for third marriage will be successful in finding new partners and they will be lucky to find a better spouse than the earlier one.

Cancer 2016 Sex Horoscope

The 2016 Cancer love astrology predictions show that love will be passionate in July as your vitality will be zooming. You will be able to attract love mates during the month of August and relationships will be more of fun. Month of January 2016 forecasts more sensual love in bed. You also have a tendency to stray from your present partner which might result in a breakup.

Cancer Love Compatibility 2016

Cancer, your energy levels will be high in the month of September 2016 and this will be reflected in your love relationship with your partners.

Family matters will be in the center stage during November 2016. The end of the year is ideal for confirming the existing relationships.


The Cancer love horoscope 2016 predicts that most of you will be able to accomplish your expectations and aspirations in love life. Any shortcoming in your romantic life will throw up during this year. You will be able to make the necessary course corrections to improve the quality of your love compatibility.

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