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9 Natural Home Remedies For Dizziness

9 Natural Home Remedies For Dizziness

Many people get dizzy for many different reasons. In this article, dizziness due to poor blood circulation, colds and other illnesses, dehydration, and vertigo will be discussed.

This article will teach you free home remedies that can cure dizziness while you have it. It will also teach you what lifestyle changes you can make to prevent getting dizzy as often.

#1. Fruits

One of the reasons why people get dizzy is because they may have poor blood circulation. Luckily, there are many foods that can help to increase circulation. You can eat fruit every day to help to prevent against dizziness. The best natural remedies are fruits with vitamin C, like oranges, pineapple, grapefruit, and watermelon.


#2. Omega-3

Another home remedy that can help to increase a person’s blood circulation is by eating foods that contain omega-3. Omega-3 is most easily found in fish and some other seafood.

Unlike fruit, you don’t need to eat this every day. So long as you get in about three servings a week you should be able to increase your circulation. If you cannot eat this much, then fish oil supplements contain omega-3 as well.

#3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a great natural remedy to prevent and fix dizziness. Sometimes dizziness is caused by dehydration, so the best way to fight this is to stay hydrated. Try to drink at least six glasses of water a day when you are not dizzy. If you are dizzy, then sip on water until you feel better. Drinking sports drinks can also help when you are already feeling dizzy.


#4. Bedrest

Often dizziness comes along with a common cold or fever. This sort of thing takes time to heal. The best way to let your body heal itself is to give it time to rest. There is no shame in taking a nap or sleeping in to heal yourself.

Your body is the best at curing you when you are asleep. When you do sleep or nap try to lay on your back with your head propped up. This is the best natural remedy when your dizziness does not come with a cold and you only need a nap.

#5. Relaxation & Breathing

Sometimes people can become dizzy because they are stressed out. If this happens to you, then it is a good idea to find a quiet place to relax. If you are going to lay down, prop your head up.

Try to focus on your breathing and nothing else as you do this. A simple form of helpful meditation is to just count in your head and only focus on the numbers until you are relaxed. Ignore your stressors until you are no longer dizzy.

#6. Stand Slowly

After you lay down, or if you are frequently dizzy, it is a good idea to stand up slowly as to not cause another burst of dizziness. Take your time getting out of bed or of a chair. This can help when it comes to vertigo and similar causes of dizziness.

#7. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

If you are frequently dizzy then you should do your best to avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol. These substances can actually make it harder for blood to circulate in your body, which can cause you to become dizzy.

It is good to cut out caffeine and alcohol completely when you can. If you still want to drink these beverages, then talk to your doctor about what the right amount is for you.


#8. Avoid Tobacco & Drugs

Like caffeine and alcohol, tobacco and other illegal drugs can also make it harder for your blood to circulate in your body. In this instance, it is best to quit as soon as you can.

Whether you smoke a cigarette every once in a while or if you are using an illegal drug, it is safest to quit as soon as possible. Talk to a doctor and friend or family member to get help quitting as soon as possible.

#9. Do Not Drive

When you are dizzy you should not drive. This can make the road dangerous for yourself and others. Sometimes dizziness can lead to blackouts, which will make it impossible for you to drive. Even if you don’t think you are very dizzy you should still be cautious and let someone else drive. The same goes for using heavy machinery.

Hopefully these natural home remedies will help you prevent you fainting and cure your dizziness.

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