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9 Home Remedies For A Ticklish Throat

9 Home Remedies For A Ticklish Throat

While ticklish throats are not a major medical problem, they sure are a major annoyance. Follow these simple home remedies to learn how to fix your ticklish throat and how to prevent it from returning.

#1. Stay Hydrated

One main cause of a tickle in the throat is because of a dry throat. The best home remedy to prevent and cure ticklish throats is to just make sure that you are drinking enough water. A healthy person should drink about six to eight glasses of water a day, and even more if they exercise or live in a hot climate. If you are sick and have a ticklish throat then you may also want to drink more than eight glasses of water.

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#2. Tea

Drinking tea is a great natural remedy to cure dry throats, sore throats, and coughs. When you are sick or just have a tickle in your throat you should drink a cup of warm tea. DO not drink too much tea because it has a decent amount of caffeine in it, and drinking too much caffeine can make a dry throat worse. Other warm drinks like hot chocolate and apple cider vinegar may also work as well.

#3. Honey

Honey, when taken with warm milk, tea, or alone can help to soothe a dry throat. Mix a tablespoon of honey into any warm beverage of your choice and drink it. If you like, you can also just eat one tablespoon of honey. This should help to soothe your throat and stop the tickle quickly.

#4. Scarves

Sometimes tickles are caused by allergy problems. This is especially common during pollen season. By wearing a scarf when you go outside you can help prevent pollen from entering your mouth and making your throat tickle. Even in the winter, sometimes cold air can dry out a throat and give it a tickle. Whatever the season, scarves are one of the best natural remedies to avoid a ticklish throat. And they make a great fashion accessory too.


#5. Allergy Medication

Pollen, animal dander, dust, and even food allergies can all cause a tickle in the throat. If you think that this may be the cause of your ticklish throat then it would be a good idea to take some allergy medicine. If your nose is runny it may contribute to the tickle in your throat, and allergy pills or liquid medicine can combat this as well. Remember, when you take medicine only take the recommended amount.

#6. Cough Drops

Since colds, runny noses, and dry throats can all contribute to a ticklish throat, cough drops are a great way to fight it away. Since cough drops are relatively cheap and can be bought just about anywhere, it makes it easy to find and use. Usually you can’t overdose on cough drops, but just in case, only take as much as the container recommends.

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#7. Avoid Caffeine

Do not try to cure a ticklish throat with a can of soda. Caffeinated beverages only agitate dry and ticklish throats, so these kinds of drinks should be avoided until the tickle in your throat is gone. One of the best natural home remedies is to try rehydrating yourself with water or tea instead of soda.


#8. Quit Smoking

Smoking and using other tobacco products can irritate ticklish throats and make them more common as well. Smoking has many other downsides, and no upsides. It’s best to quit smoking as soon as you can. Doing other drugs, or breathing in other harmful chemicals can also cause tickles in throats, along with other more serious problems as well. It’s best to quit all dangerous activities before something more serious comes of them.

#9. Talking

Sometimes when a person talks or sings too much their throat can become irritated and ticklish. This is because your throat is being overused. Give your throat a break from talking and singing for an hour or two and see if it does any good. While taking this break from making noise, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help with your ticklish throat.

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