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8 Top Natural Home Remedies For Gout

What Is Gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis that affects the foot. While anyone can get it, mostly elderly men suffer from it. This article will outline some natural home remedies that you can prevent painful and long gout flare ups.

It will also highlighting a few things that you can do to ease the pain of a flare up if you do get one. Read these simple home remedies to learn some tricks for treating gout.


8 Top Natural Home Remedies For Gout

#1. Diet

A vegetarian diet often works the best for people with gout, as they are not supposed to eat many different types of meat. It is often suggested that they get their protein from dairy and beans or vegetables.

If you have gout, try to avoid eating meat as much as possible. Instead, try to have a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, dairy, and whole grains.

#2. Stay Hydrated

While in between gout flare ups you should try to keep yourself hydrated. The easiest home remedy to do this is to sip on water throughout the day.

Try to fit in at least six glasses of water in one day. This can help to prevent flare ups, as well as make flare ups stop sooner if you do get them. If you like, you can drink water during a flare up as well.

#3. Avoid Alcohol

Like most meats, it is best to avoid alcohol if you suffer from gout. Drinking alcohol will make it more likely that you will get a gout flare up, and also make your gout flare ups more painful and last longer when you do get them. If you can, avoid drinking alcohol entirely.

#4. Exercise

While in between gout flare ups, you should do your best to exercise more often. This can actually reduce the chance that you will have a painful gout flare up.

While you may not want to do many foot exercises, you can lift weights or swim. Exercise enough that you are able to maintain a healthy body weight.


#5. Rest

If you do have a gout flare up, then you should get off of your feet and rest. Try to prop your foot up on a pillow to make your gout flare up end sooner. When you are sleeping at night you may also want to sleep with your feet propped up so that it is less likely that you will have a gout flare up during the night.

#6. Cold Compress or Heating Pad

Another natural remedy that you can do to ease the pain of a gout flare up is it use either a cold compress or a heating pad. Using a cold compress usually works better, but it is also irritating to some people, so use what works the best for you.

If you are to use a cold compress, do not let the ice touch your skin directly, instead wrap it in a cloth first. For a heating pad, make sure that you do not fall asleep while it is on, as this may result in burns.

#7. Stay Warm

One of the best natural remedies to reduce the chance that you will get a gout flare up is to make sure that you are keeping your feet warm. Wear socks as often as possible. Also, make sure that your baths or showers are not too cold. If you are in the shower when you have a flare up, slowly make your way out of the shower and sit down. Moving slowly is key if you do not want to slip and fall.


#8. Wear Proper Shoes

Lastly, the type of shoes that you wear can also affect how often that you get gout flare ups. You should wear comfortable shoes that do not pinch your feet, but instead allow them to breathe.

However, you should not wear sandals all day either. The best kind of shoes to wear if you have gout seem to be tennis shoes or other similar shoes that can support your feet.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help you with your gout.

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