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8 Top Home Remedies For Tired Eyes

8 Top Home Remedies For Tired Eyes

Tired eyes, also known as eye fatigue, can happen to anyone. The people most likely to suffer from eye fatigue are people who work on a computer for most of their job, drive a lot, or need to put a lot of focus into another project.

Computers and other screens also put extra strain on the eyes which may cause them to feel like they are stinging or burning. This is a common symptom of eye fatigue. The home remedies listed below will tell you how you can prevent tired eyes and treat your eyes when they become tired.

#1. Take A Break

There are many things that can cause your eyes to be tired. Some of these things include using electronics such as computers and phones, driving for too long, and even reading and writing for long periods of time. The first natural home remedy you should do when your eyes get tired is to take a break from whatever it is that is causing your eyes to hurt.

The general rule is to take a break for twenty seconds every twenty minutes if it is something that you have to do. If it is a hobby or game that is causing you eye strain, then it would be wise to take a break until your eyes no longer hurt.


#2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is another thing that can cause your eyes to become more tired, and it’s necessary if you want your eyes to stop hurting. If you commonly have tired eyes, then the best natural remedy is to try to fit in at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you cannot manage that, then try to make room for a couple of quick naps during the day. When you sleep your eyes have time to relax and heal, getting too little sleep will just make your eyes hurt more.

#3. Computer Tips

Along with taking breaks from the computer every twenty minutes, here are some natural remedies that are specially for computer usage. Try to keep your computer screen at eye level while you work or do other things online. Try to keep your screen clean – dirt and smudge free as often as possible. Also, try to keep your screen about two feet away from your face at all times.

#4. Warm Compress

If your eyes are already hurting because of all of the eye fatigue, then one way to stop your eyes from stinging so much is to put a warm compress over your eyes. Soak a towel or other cloth in warm water and then (with your eyes closed) place the cloth over your eyes. Keep this over your eyes until they no longer feel like they are stinging. If your eyes are extremely tired, you may need to re-heat the cloth several times to get relief.

#5. Ice

On the opposite end of the heat spectrum, you can also use ice as a natural home remedy to cool down your eyes and stop the stinging. Ice, snow, bags of peas, and even just really cold water can help. Put a cloth over your eyes and then put your choice of cold compress on top of that. Keep this on your eyes for at least ten minutes. If your eyes don’t feel well even after ten minutes, then take a five minute break and try again.


#6. Humidifier

One of the best home remedies to prevent pain from tired eyes is to get a humidifier. Your tired eyes might be so dry because there is not enough moisture in the air. This can happen more often in dry climates, as well as in a cold winter. A humidifier can help to add more moisture to the air, making is less likely that your eyes will become dry and tired.

#7. Dust

Dust is a common eye irritant. The amount of dust in the air and in your home may be causing your eyes to be more tired as well. The best way to fight this cause is to dust your home and clean all of the surfaces. While this may irritate your eyes at first, once your home is dust free your eyes will feel much better more often.

#8. Eye-Drops

One home remedy to directly add more moisture to your eyes is to use eye-drops. Depending on how often your eyes get tired you may want to get a prescription. However, if your eyes are only tired occasionally, then you can get eye drops from any drug store. Use the eye-drops as directed.

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 Try these natural home remedies for tired eyes and feel fresh right away!

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