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8 Simple Home Remedies For Milia

What Is Milia?

Milia are tiny white dots that resemble acne. These dots are usually found on baby’s after they are born. Lines of milia dots are usually found on a baby’s face: near their nose, mouth, and cheeks. If your child has these spots, don’t worry about it. It is extremely common for babies to have milia, and it is not harmful.

There is no way to prevent milia, since most babies that have it were born with it. Most of the time it goes away on its own, so there’s not much you have to worry about. If you want to try to get rid of milia faster, then you can follow these simple home remedies.


8 Simple Home Remedies For Milia

#1. Stay Clean

One simple natural home remedy to help your babies milia go away faster is to just make sure that you keep his or her face as clean as possible. Wash your baby’s face with warm water during bath time. If your child gets food on their face, then wipe if off gently with a warm wash cloth. Make sure that you clean your baby’s face several times a day to keep it as clean as possible.

#2. Dry Gently

When you are drying your baby’s face, be as gentle as possible. If you are rough on your baby’s face then it could irritate the milia even more. Do not try to scratch off the bumps or rub them off either. Milia usually goes away on its own within a few weeks or months. The less you do it irritate the bumps, the sooner that they will go away.

#3. Avoid Creams & Oils

Try to avoid any creams, lotions, or oils that claim they can cure milia. These products can often irritate your child’s skin, and even it they don’t, it is likely that they won’t do much to cure the milia. Try to stick to warm water when it comes to cleaning your kids’ face. A little water is more helpful then come chemicals in a bottle.

#4. Sunscreen

One home remedy to help milia clear up faster is to make sure that your baby is adequately protected from the sun. While it may not be easy to find sunglasses in your child’s size, you can still find other ways of keeping them safe from the sun. It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on your baby before bringing him or her outside. It’s important to remember that a baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults. So even if it doesn’t seem that bad to you, it may feel differently to your baby. Remember to apply sunscreen on your baby whenever you go out in the sun.

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#5. Honey

In most cases, milia goes away on its own within a few weeks or months, but if you really want to try to get rid of it proactively, then honey might be one of the best natural remedies. Honey helps to moisturize the skin naturally along with nourishing it. Honey is also great at curing adult acne, which may be why it can help with milia so well.

#6. Sugar Scrub

Although you cannot prevent milia, since babies are usually born with it, you can help to make it go away with sugar. This is not very advisable if your child is under three months old or if your baby has extremely sensitive skin. Take a warm wash cloth and put a little bit of sugar, no more than a tablespoon, on the cloth as well. Dampen the cloth and rub the sugar on your baby’s face. This will help to exfoliate the skin, which may be able to help get rid of the milia.

#7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used as a natural remedy and moisturizer. You can buy Aloe Vera in gel form in bottles, or you can get the gel directly from an Aloe Vera plant. Bottles of gel are usually sold as sunblock, as Aloe Vera gel is commonly used to reduce irritation caused by sunburn. Rub small amounts of the gel on your baby’s milia, in order to try to get rid of it. Remember to be gentle when rubbing something on your baby’s face.

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#8. Leave it Alone

Besides cleaning your child properly, there’s not much that’s better for curing milia than leaving it alone. Malia usually gets rid of itself within three months of the child being born. If the milia stays for longer than three months, and if you are worried about it, then you can take your child to a doctor to get a professional’s opinion.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help cure your child’s milia.

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