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8 Simple Home Remedies For Aching Eyes

8 Simple Home Remedies For Aching Eyes

There are many reasons why a person could have aching eyes: dryness, irritation, something stuck in their eyes, overuse of their eyes, too much screen time, lack of sleep, and many more reasons.

This article will give you some natural home remedies on how you can prevent and fix aching eyes when they affect you.

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#1. Take a Break

There are many reasons why a person’s eyes would hurt, and one of the main reasons is because they are overworking their eyes. When you are working on the computer, reading or writing for two long, or driving, remember to take a break to rest your eyes.

For every twenty minutes that you are focusing, you should take thirty seconds to a minute to rest your eyes. Also, try to spend less of your time entertaining yourself by staring at screens, which can make your eyes ache more often.

#2. Sleep More

Another reason for eyes to ache is because a person does not get enough sleep. The less you sleep, the less time your eyes, as well as the rest of your body, have to “recharge” themselves.

Resting your eyes is important to avoid having aching eyes. If you cannot get around eight hours of sleep at night, then you can take naps during the day to make up for lost time.


#3. Stay Hydrated

Keeping the inside of your body hydrated is a natural remedy that can help to keep your eyes from getting too dried out. Try to drink about six to eight glasses of water a day to keep your body and your eyes hydrated. Since dry eyes is a common reason for aching eyes, it would be a good idea to treat this cause before it causes a problem. You can also invest in a humidifier that can add more moisture to the air.

#4. Small Objects in the Eye

Having a small object in your eye can also cause your eye to ache, as most people already know. Before you try to get something out of your eyes, wash your hands. Next, you can try to gently touch the object out of your eye, cry until the object is flushed out, or use a Q-tip to gently get the object out of your eye. If you cannot get it out, get a friend to help.

#5. Chemical Irritation

If you have gotten chemicals actually in your eyes, then you should rinse your eyes with cool water and then see a doctor right away. However, chemicals can irritate your eyes without needing to get in them. You can avoid this irritating by cleaning with natural remedies rather than harsh chemicals. Also, avoid getting perfume or cologne too close to your eyes to avoid eye aches.

#6. Don’t Rub Your Eyes

No matter why your eyes are aching, rubbing them will only make the problem worse.

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Refrain from rubbing your eyes as much as possible. They are more likely to stop aching faster if you do not rub your eyes.

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#7. Warm or Cold Compress

One natural remedy to relieve eye ache is to put a warm or cold compress on your closed eyelids. Some people prefer cold, and warm works better for others, so find out what works best for you. Soak a towel in either hot or cold water, and they lay the towel on your eyes. This provides relief for all sorts of eye aches, no matter what the cause.

#8. Eye-Drops

Eye-drops can also help to relieve eye pain and ache. You can buy many types of eye drops without a prescription. This is best for when you have eye ache because of dry eyes. If you have persistent eye aches, then you should talk to your doctor about getting prescription eye-drops.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help with your aching eyes.

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