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8 Natural Home Remedies For Bone Spurs

What Are Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs are not sharp spikes like they may sound like, but instead they simply extra growths on bones. They are usually small and can go unnoticed without symptoms for years. Symptoms may include pain around the area, inflammation, and general discomfort.

You will need to see a doctor about removing large bone spurs, but you can treat the symptoms and even slow the growth of bone spurs from home. Read the following home remedies to learn how to take care of bone spurs!

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8 Natural Home Remedies For Bone Spurs

#1. Exercise

Depending on where your bone spurs are, exercise may be one of the best natural remedies that will be able to help you. If you have too much weight on a bone spur then it is likely to hurt more than if you had less fat rubbing against it. The same things goes for when you exercise as well. You need to find an exercise that can help you drop the pounds without rubbing up against the bone spur. Look for exercises that will not make you agitate your bone spur.

#2. Reduce Stress

The more stressed out that you are, the more likely you are to be annoyed by your bone spur symptoms. Your mind can do some amazing things, but when you don’t have control over it you can have negative effects because of it. Learn ways to reduce your stress levels. Avoid unnecessary situations which usually stress you out. Also, try doing some things to relieve stress once it happens. Yoga and meditation are great natural home remedies for help.

#3. Change Shoes

If you have bone spurs near or on your feet, then you will want to put more effort when it comes to deciding which shoes to wear during the day. Try to find shoes that are not tight on your feet and that do not pinch your toes. Wear shoes meant for exercising if you can, as they usually have padding to comfort your feet, as well as great support for your feet.


#4. Vitamin D

By getting in the recommended amount of daily vitamin D as a home remedy, you may be able to start dissolving your bone spurs naturally. The daily recommended amount of vitamin D can all be found in the equivalent of just three glasses of milk! Of course, you can take in your vitamin D which whatever foods you prefer.

#5. Vitamin

By eating enough foods that are full of vitamin K you may be able to slow down and even reverse the growth of your bone spurs. Vitamin K is most easily found in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and dark green vegetables. You can take vitamin K supplement pills as well.

#6. Garlic

Garlic is a natural pain-killer and natural home remedy. All you have to do is eat garlic to make it work. This may be able to ease the pain from your bone spurs. Try to add a little bit of garlic to your meals as often as you can to help.


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#7. Ginger

Eating or drinking things with ginger in it can also help to reduce internal inflammation caused by bone spurs. This will make it less likely for you to notice pain caused by your bone spur. Like garlic, all you have to do is eat ginger. You can drink ginger tea, ginger ale, or add ginger to your meals.

#8. Painkillers

When you need immediate relief from your bone spur symptoms sometimes it’s just easiest to use painkillers. This can help a little, but make sure that you do not become dependent on these pills. Only use as much as recommended, as often as recommended.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help with your bone spur symptoms.

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