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8 Natural Home Remedies For A Runny Nose

8 Natural Home Remedies For A Runny Nose

Is your nose running like crazy? If so, you’re probably annoyed and sick of it already. You would probably give anything to avoid using up another box of tissues.

If a runny nose is what you’re suffering from, then this article can help. Follow these simple natural home remedies to learn how to cure your runny nose.

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 #1. Avoid Dairy

When you have a runny nose it’s best to avoid dairy. Drinking milk or eating other dairy products tends to produce extra mucus. If you already have a runny nose, then the last thing that you want is for it to run even more.

While you are sick, or while your allergies are acting up, try to avoid dairy products. If you constantly have runny or stuffy noses, then you may want to consider cutting dairy out of your diet entirely for a while to see if it makes a change.


#2. Avoid Spicy Foods

Like dairy, eating spicy food can also make your nose run even more. While you are sick, or during allergy season, you should try to restrain from eating spicy foods. Try to stick with bland food that doesn’t contain many spices. While this may be boring to eat, it should help to make sure your nose doesn’t run anymore than it has to.

#3. Neti Pots

Using a neti pot is a great home remedy to clear out your sinus cavity. Put two cups of warm water and a teaspoon of salt, preferably sea salt, into the neti pot. Try to angle the tip of the pot so that it can easily go into your nose. Be sure to be near a sink or bathtub when you do this, as it will most likely make a mess. Tilt your head to the side so that the water can travel into one nostril and out the other. Do this again with the other nostril. Do this as often as you need to.

#4. Sit Up

One natural remedy to keep your nose from running even more than it already is, is to just sit up. Sitting up keeps the mucus in your nose from getting out, making you have a runny nose, easier. Sit up, or at least keep your head propped up with some pillows, as often as you can.

#5. Vitamin C

You have probably been told at some point in your life that drinking orange juice is a great way to kick a cold, and it actually does. Orange juice is full of vitamin C, which is great at stopping colds and getting rid of runny noses. If you don’t like orange juice, then lemonade or grapefruit juice should also work.


#6. Warm Compresses

Putting a warm compress up against your nose is another natural home remedy to make it stop running so much. Get a small towel or other piece of cloth and run it under warm water. Once the cloth is soaked and warm, hold it against your nose and the sides of your face. This should help to relieve your runny nose, at least temporarily.

#7. Steam

If you want to cure your cold with warm water, but you don’t want to put water in your nose like with the neti pot, then you can use steam. Boil a pot of water on your stove. Once the water is boiling, dump it in a bowl or move it off of the burner. Put a towel around your head and put your face over the steam so that you can breathe it in. The steam should help your nasal passages open up and make it easier for you to breathe.

#8. Pollen Allergies

If your runny nose is caused by a pollen allergy, then you might want to try these natural remedies, along with some other ones. When going outside, wear sunglasses and a scarf. Try to move your exercise routines to the nighttime, and also take your showers at night so that you can make sure that you rinse off all of the pollen that may have landed on you during the day. This should also help with some other pollen allergy symptoms as well.

Try these excellent home remedies today and cure your runny nose in seconds!

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