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8 Ways To Make Children Stop Thumb Sucking

Children & Thumb Sucking

Thumb-sucking can be an annoying and bad habit for children. Thumb-sucking is something like an instinctive reflex for babies and toddlers to suck on things. Thumb-sucking isn’t really a problem until they start to grow in many of their teeth.

You may want to step in to try to help your child if he or she is still sucking their thumbs by the time they are four or five. Usually once a child starts school they are able to stop sucking their thumbs on their own, but sometimes they might need a little extra push for their parents to kick the habit.

Whether you need to know how to finally quit sucking your thumb, or if you want to stop your child from thumb sucking, then these home remedies might be able to help you.

if you want to stop your child from thumb sucking, then these home remedies might be able to help you

 8 Home Remedies For Thumb Sucking

#1. Ignore Or Point It Out

Sometimes children use thumb-sucking just to get attention. If you stop paying attention to it, then they might stop doing it. If your child is not doing it for attention, and they want to quit, try to give them little signals to tell them that they’re still sucking their thumbs. Signals are the best way to go, as saying something around other people could embarrass them.

Sometimes children use thumb-sucking just to get attention

#2. Know Your Child’s Triggers

Some children revert to thumb-sucking when they feel stressed or anxious. If you notice that your child only sucks their thumb in this kind of situation, find something to distract them or find another way for them to handle their stress. Hugging your child and talking softly might calm them down, just as carrying around a favorite toy of theirs might offer solace.

#3. Positive Reinforcement

Do not yell at your child for thumb-sucking. Often the case is that they can’t help it. Instead, reward your child when he or she goes a certain amount of time without sucking their thumb. Start with small increments of time and small rewards, and when they finally stop sucking their thumb, a bigger reward might be in order.

8 home remedies thumb sucking

#4. Compromise

Instead of flat-out telling your child “You can’t do that anymore,” maybe start with something simpler. Tell your child, “Try not to suck your thumb when we go out today, okay?” Or something just as simple. Try to stop them in public and let them continue in private until they master quitting thumb-sucking in public. After then, you may want to move on to restricting it more at home as well.

#5. Don’t Yell At Your Child

Yelling will only make your child more anxious and nervous. This could cause your child to suck their thumb even more. If you are irritated about your child’s thumb-sucking, take some time to calm down before talking to them about it. Talk softly so that you don’t upset your child, and try to find a kind way to tell your child that it upsets you. Not yelling is one of the best natural remedies to stop thumb sucking.

Yelling will only make your child more anxious and nervous

#6. Avoid Negative Reinforcement

Another home remedy to stop thumb sucking is apply something distasteful on the fingers. Although putting vinegar or a similar disgusting-tasting substance on your child’s thumb may make them stop thumb-sucking after a while, at first they will gain more anxiety. It’s unfair to force your child to quit thumb-sucking on your time instead of theirs. Let them get there on their own instead of forcing a date on them.

#7. Avoid Mittens or Gloves

Like vinegar, making your child wear mittens or gloves to make them stop thumb-sucking may also cause them to get more stressed about the situation. Let them go at their own pace. Children might even start sucking on the thumb of the mitten or glove, which is highly unsanitary.

#8. Leave Them Alone

Kids usually grow out of habits like these on their own after some time. They’ll notice that other kids at school don’t suck their thumbs and they’ll want to be like their friends and quit too. If your child wants help, you should try all you can to help them, but if they’re not bothered by it, then you shouldn’t worry about it yet.

Hopefully these natural remedies can help you better understand your child’s thumb-sucking and that you can learn ways to help them with their problem.

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