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8 Home Remedies For Eye Infection In Children

8 Home Remedies For Eye Infection In Children

Many children get eye infections every year, and by far, pink eye in the most common eye infection among children. There are two types of pink eye: bacterial and allergy-induced.

Pink eye caused by allergies can be easily cleared up and is not contagious. Pink eye caused by bacteria is more common, more contagious, and harder to get rid of. Both eye infections in children can be treated by following these home remedies!

However, if your child is experiencing intense pain or if they have an oddly colored eye discharge, then you should take them to a doctor.

#1. Avoid The Infected

Pink eye is highly contagious. So the best home remedy is to stay away from anyone else who may have pink eye. While the bacterial pink eye is more contagious, it is hard to tell what kind of pink eye another child has just by looking at him or her. If your child has pink eye, then you should take them out of school or daycare until their pink eye is cleared up all of the way. This should take a few days. After taking care of your child, make sure not to touch your eyes so that you do not get the infection as well.


#2. Don’t Rub

Another natural remedy is to not rub your eyes after helping a child with pink eye. And don’t let your child rub their eyes either. This will only make the infection more irritating and painful. If your child rubs his or her eyes, then the infection could also take a longer time to clear up. If your child only has pink eye in one eye, then you can invest in eye patches to put over their eye if that will help them not to rub their eyes. Also, children might like to wear an eyepatch since it will make them look like a pirate.

#3. Wash Hands

After your child gets home from school if someone has recently had pink eye, make sure that he or she washes their hands. This is a great natural home remedy to stop the infection from getting to your child. Also, have your child wash their hands frequently while they have pink eye, especially if they have just been touching their eyes. Likewise, you need to wash your hands after helping your child as well to make sure that you do not become infected as well.

#4. Hot Or Cold Compress

One of the best natural remedies to ease the pain and general irritation of pink eye is to gently press a hot or cold compress on your child’s eye. It doesn’t matter which you use, sometimes warm compresses feel better to one child, but a cold compress will feel better with a hot compress. Find out which temperature makes your child feel the most comfortable. Dip a towel in either hot or cold water and then apply it to your child’s closed eye. This won’t help to heal pink eye, but it will make your child feel a little more comfortable.

#5. Liquid Allergy Medicine

Pink eye can be caused by bacteria or allergens. If your child has recently been outside on a high pollen level day, then it is likely that they are being affected by allergen-induced pink eye. This type of pink eye clears up much faster than bacterial pink eye. Give your child some liquid allergy medicine, and pay close attention to how much they are supposed to have. Also, your child should take a bath and stay away from the allergen until their eye clears up.

#6. Eye Drops

Eye drops can be extremely helpful when it comes to clearing up pink eye, and general eye irritation as well. You don’t need to go to a doctor to get eye drops either. Stores sell non-prescription eye drops specially made for pink eye. If you cannot find this, then you can use saline eye drops as well, and they should be able to help as well. Follow the directions on whatever kind of eye drops that you buy.


#7. Avoid Bright Light

While your child has pink eye they should avoid looking into bright lights. Keep the lights dim in your home, keep them inside and away from the sun, and limit their television/computer time. Their eye is likely to hurt more if they are staring at screens all day. Encourage your child to take naps. If they play with toys, wash the toys later to make sure that you get rid of all of the pink eye bacteria.

#8. Breast Milk

One strange natural home remedy that many mothers claim to be helpful is to use breast milk as eye drops to clear up pink eye. If you are still feeding your child this way, then this is one of the best natural remedies to try out. You can try to drop a small amount of breast milk into your child’s eye directly from your breast, or you can pump your milk and add a drop in your child’s eye by using a spoon. Either way, add one drop of milk into your child’s eye three times a day until the pink eye is cleared up.

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Try these natural remedies for eye infections in children today for instant relief.

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