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8 Health Benefits Of Potato

8 Health Benefits Of Potato

Potatoes are a popular food worldwide. They are cooked and made in a variety of ways including: potato salad, mashed potatoes, potato soup and as French fries. They can be included in any meal whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But did you know that potatoes have numerous health benefits for your skin, diet and body. It contains various nutrients to make sure that you are always operating at your best. Here are 8 health benefits of potato.


#1. Contains High Amounts of Fiber

Potatoes are full of fiber which aids with digestion. It helps to alleviate constipation that may occur from an excess of protein.

It also facilitates a normal bowel movement which helps to eliminate toxins and waste that line the intestinal walls. It also helps if you are on a diet by making you fuller for longer so that hunger pangs and cravings do not occur.

#2. Combats Diabetes

Potatoes help to fight and prevent diabetes from occurring. It helps to lower your blood glucose levels while making sure that your blood pressure is also low. It also helps to lower and stop excess sugar from entering the blood.


#3. Prevents Inflammation

Potatoes in your diet also help to prevent and reduce inflammation that may occur from infection, injury or diseases. It helps to lower swelling around the affected area while making sure that blood flow is regular throughout the body.

It also helps to prevent the growing size of an infected area so that it does not continue to spread. It also helps to stop irritation that may occur due to the inflamed area.

#4. Boosts Your Immune System

Potatoes also help to boost your immune system due to the plentiful vitamins and minerals that it contains. It is full of vitamin B and C which provides nutrients to the immune system so that it constantly functioning at its highest levels. It makes sure that your immune system is able to fight off any infection or disease that tries to attack the body.

#5. Improves Brain Capabilities

Potatoes helps to improve your brain functions and capabilities due to containing iron which helps to make sure that the brain is able to operate at its highest capacity.

It helps to improve your memory so that information is able to retain in the brain for a longer period of time. It also helps to make it able to study for longer periods of time by keeping the mind active.

brain power

#6. Prevents Heart Disease

Potatoes also help to prevent heart disease from occurring due to containing flavonoids which reduces bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol in the body.

It also contains carotenoids which help to keep the heart healthy and free from obstructions and damage. It also helps to lower blood pressure and making sure that blood is circulated regularly throughout the body.

#7. Removes Dark Spots & Blemishes

Potatoes help to clear the skin of dark spots that may appear on the skin. It slowly reduces them in size while fostering better skin health.

It also helps to removes blemishes and pockmarks by stopping them from spreading all over the skin. It helps to produce a much healthier sheen and gloss to the skin.

#8. Reduces Stress

Potatoes help to reduce stress due to the production of adrenaline hormones that is made and helps to keep the mind relaxed. It also helps to increase dopamine in the brain so that you are in a much better mood and in a calm state.

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