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8 Health Benefits Of Onions

8 Health Benefits Of Onions

How often do you incorporate onions with your meals? Is it once a week or even less than that? If so you should consider making onions a signature part of your dishes.

It contains numerous health benefits that can keep you strong and immune from various diseases and illnesses. It also helps to make sure that your skin is free from spots and infections. Here are 8 health benefits of onions.

#1. Prevents Cancer

Onions help to prevent cancer from developing in the body by reducing and stopping cancer cells from spreading. It contains an essential antioxidant called Quercetin which helps to fight bad radicals and toxins that try to prevent the body from doing its natural functions. It also contains vitamin C which gives an added boost to the fight against cancer. It also helps to promote white blood cells to fight off any foreign entity in the body.

#2. Stops Coughing

Onions in your diet also help to stops coughing from occurring especially due to the common cold or flu. It helps to stop the urge to cough by telling the brain not to do so.

onionsIt also helps to fight off the infection or disease that is making you cough. It also helps to alleviate a dry hacking cough by soothing the throat which also helps to eliminate a sore throat.

#3. Strengthens Immune System

Onions help to strengthen and boost your immune system due to the high amounts of vitamin C that it contains. It helps to make sure that your immune system is able to fight off any disease or bacteria that try to infect the body.

It also makes sure that your immune system is always operating at its best without any obstructions. Onions also contain flavonoids which help to also increase your immune systems functions.

#5. Prevents Heart Disease

Onions help to prevent heart disease by lowering your total cholesterol while increasing the production of good cholesterol in the body.

It also helps to thin out the blood so that blood clots and a conglomerate of blood is not building in one place. It also helps to make sure that your arteries especially those around the heart are not clogged.

#6. Helps with Digestion

Onions contain fiber which helps to promote a good and effective digestion. It also helps to make sure that a regular and easy bowel movement is produced.

It clears away excess waste and toxins that buildup on the intestinal walls and try to block the passage of waste through the body thus reducing constipation. It also helps to make sure that good bacteria are being made in the intestines.

#7. Clears Skin

Onions also helps to clear the skin of any dark spots and infections. It helps to fight skin infection such as ringworms by stopping it from spreading and irritating the skin.

It also helps to clear up skin that has many black spots, blackheads or blemishes. It produces healthier skin that has a natural sheen to it.

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#8. Treats Urinary Infections

Onions help to stop and prevent urinary infections by fighting the infection or disease head on. It helps to prevent incontinence from occurring or the constant urge to go to the bathroom.

It also helps to prevent any burning sensation from happening while urinating and also eliminating any discharge that may occur.

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