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8 Health Benefits Of Okra

10 Health Benefits Of Okra

Okra vegetable is very beneficial for the body and here is why.

#1. Cures Constipation

We always need to have a healthy digestive system. When our body digests food well, we keep specific ailments like constipation at bay.

So with the presence of fiber in Okra this is very much possible. When we do not have constipation our body functions to its maximum. When the body functions to its maximum we are guaranteed a healthy life thanks to a great digestive system in the body.


#2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a very expensive yet taxing disease to maintain. One may suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure when suffering from diabetes. So how do you avoid it and still have a healthy lifestyle. With the intake of Okra. Okra helps prevent a body from having diabetes. It’s rich in fiber and the fiber helps in the prevention of diabetes at all times.

#3. Pregnancy

The presence of folate in okra is very high. Folate is good for the new born even as they grow up. So as a mother whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you are pregnant it is important to keep eating okra so that you can increase the presence of folate in your body for yourself and your unborn baby. And even when baby is born, when weaning begins increasing the intake of folate for yourself and the baby. This helps keep you and your baby healthy.

#4. Blood Clots

It important for your blood to clot when necessary. This is assisted by the intake of Vitamins K in the body which is found in Okra. When your body has vitamin K it is also helps in the strengthening of bones at all times. Strong bones help in the performance of daily duties like exercise, running, walking and carrying items. So adding Okra to your daily diet helps in the clotting of blood and strengthening of bones too all at the same time.

#5. Asthma

Asthma is disease that one can easily grow out of. When one gets an asthma attack you begin to have problems breathing and also you cannot survive well in high altitude areas. For people who have asthma they are encouraged to take in Okra as often as they can as it helps in the maintenance and clearing of asthma. Asthma can be caused or triggered by things like cold areas, pollen allergies, dust or the lack of enough oxygen in the lungs. When you take Okra this reduces the risks of getting attacks.

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#6. Crying Children

Constipation is an ailment that can affect anyone. It is even worse when it affects small children who cannot talk or express the fact that they cannot go to the toilet. This lead to them crying all the time. So when you take Okra it helps in the proper absorption of water in the body.

And when water is properly absorbed in the body through the help of Okra one is able to go to the toilet as frequently and easy as the want. There is nothing wrong with passing stool as many times in the day as possible.


#7. Sun Stroke

Sometimes we leave the house without applying any sunscreen to our body. Sometimes the sun is blazing hot and we have not taken precautions in protecting our skin. For example the use of sunglasses, big hats or even wearing clothing that protect us from the sun. When the sun hits us we may get sun strokes. So when we eat Okra as often as we can, no matter what precautions we have not taken, the Okra gives us a natural prevention from getting sunstroke.

#8. Colon Cancer

We need to always protect our colon as it is believed that all diseases begin from the colon. So eat some Okra as often as you can, you may snack on it, or even eat it for dinner or breakfast. Okra helps in the prevention of diseases meaning it helps protect the colon. Therefore we do not get diseases like colon cancer or any other colon related diseases. So Okra is a very healthy vegetable that we must always include for us and our families, especially our children. So go ahead, try it today.

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