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8 Health Benefits Of Lotus Root

8 Health Benefits Of Lotus Root

Did you know that lotus root can be eaten? Well, don’t be surprised because lotus root is considered not only to be very delicious but to be very important for its healthy benefits.

#1. Anemia

For those who suffer from low blood flow or even anemia you know how these ailments can be very harmful for the day to day living. Well, if you include lotus root to your diet its guaranteed that you will do away with these ailments. It is a very good food for those who suffer from anemia and low blood levels. Lotus root stimulates the blood circulation in the body and also helps in the blood flowing smoothly in the body at all times.

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#2. High BP

Sometimes we may suffer from high blood pressure. Maybe because we are stressed out, anxious or even sometimes depressed. Thankfully, lotus root helps in containing the blood pressure of one’s body. When you eat lotus root because it is very rich in potassium it helps in keeping the blood vessels relaxed at all times. And when blood vessels are relaxed it means the pressure or the chances of having high blood pressure are eliminated.

#3. Cures Constipation

For those who suffer from constipation or hard stool, including lotus root in your diet helps in taking this away or even preventing and at worst curing it if you have it. It helps to keep the bowel movement in your system good at all times, hence taking away the constipation and helping you to pass stool well at all times. Basically it keeps your digestive system functioning well at all times.

#4. Good Bones

For proper bones and muscles growth and also teeth the presence of Vitamin C is very important. So, lotus root is 73% full of Vitamin C. When this is present in your body, it helps to fight against cancer and any heart diseases. This is because it helps to fight any free radicals from the body. So when you have lotus root in your body its also guaranteed to protect your skin and help skin grow well too.

#5. Irritability

More often than not, we find ourselves facing trying times. Whether it is the loss of a job, a loved one or even the loss of something important to you. When this happens we become angry all the time, stressed, sad or even irritable. With the help of lotus root this helps to keep our stress levels good and helps keep our moods normal at all times. As well, it helps reduce stress and irritability at all times.


#6. Homocysteine Levels

The direct connection to heart attacks is homocysteine levels. If these levels are high we are prone to have a heart attack. These attacks can affect anybody at any age. But most people who are most affected are the older generation. So it is important to eat lotus root at all times because these help in keeping the heart healthy and fresh at all times thus enabling us not to be prone to such heart ailments.

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#7. Healthy Skin

For proper growth at all times, it is important to have a healthy skin, healthy eyes and also healthy hair. For this to be effective the presence of Vitamin A has and needs to be present in your body at all times. Thankfully, vitamin A can be richly found in lotus root. These help in keeping your skin smooth and healthy at all times.

As well, it helps to improve your eyesight and also helps in the hair growth. As well, if your skin is damaged or inflamed, Vitamin A help in the repair of these fast and quick.


#8. Weight Loss

If you are looking into shedding a few pounds it is important to consider including lotus root in to your diet. Because it is very low in calories, and is full of so many nutrients, when you eat it, it helps take always the cravings. As well, it helps in preventing you from overeating because you begin to feel full most of the time. So the next time you hear of lotus root you will surely consider including it in your diet thanks to its wholesome benefits.

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