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8 Health Benefits Of Lentils

8 Health Benefits Of Lentils

Enjoy understanding why adding Lentils to your diet will be a life changing experience for you and your family.

#1. Good Heart

A good heart leads to a good life. So, the intake of Lentils is important to maintain a good heart as Lentil contain lots of folic acids and magnesium that help to lower homocysteine levels. High levels of homocysteine will damage the walls of your arteries and this will lead to various heart conditions like, heart failure and stroke. So Lentil encourages a good heart.


#2. High Fiber

Lentils are full of fiber. When your body has enough fiber you are not prone to ailments like constipation and gut infections. The presence of Lentil also protects your body from diseases such as cancer and also helps lower your high blood pressure. With the lack of these diseases, thanks the fiber in lentils, one is able to live a healthy and doctor free life. Which in turn gives you peace and tranquility.

#3. High Potassium

Potassium is present in Lentils. When this is there one’s body is less likely to develop those bad kidney stones that cause lots of pain to the abdomen. It is important to keep kidney stones at bay with the intake of potassium. There is nothing wrong with too much potassium. It ensures you have a healthy clean stone free kidney. And this is good to keep one’s body healthy.

#4. Lots of Energy

For you to manage your day to day tasks, it is highly important to fill your body with lots of energy. Energy to walk, run, sleep, eat and much more. Even energy to play with your kids and energy to maintain a healthy body. Lentils are full of good carbohydrates that fill your body with energy. So this is a very important factor to include when thinking of creating healthy diets for your kids. Always encourage your kids and even yourself or elderly people to eat lentils so as to maintain healthy energy in the body at all times.

#5. Sun Tan

It is OK to sun bathe. Kids who go for swimming love to sun bathe. But sometimes the sun rays can be harmful to your skin in more ways than one. Lentils contain the 3% of the daily vitamin C we need which helps protect the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun which damage the skin. So always have Lentil in your diet if not for anything else but especially this purpose of protecting your skin from the rays of the sun that can damage the skin.


#6. High Calcium

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Because lentils are filled with calcium, the calcium in them does not only protect and assist in the growth of your bones or teeth but also helps in the prevention of premenstrual syndrome. Lentils leave your body feeling very therapeutic and at ease at all times, so you’re not anxious and nervous but calm, cool and collected at all times.

#7. Blood Circulation

It is important to keep a good circulation of blood in the body. And sometimes especially for women who are on their menses they lose a lot of blood. So even those who suffer from anemia can take lentils which helps increase the hemoglobin of the blood. So keep taking Lentil in your diet to increase blood in your system.


#8. Cravings

Sometimes we want to crave the foods we ate because we remember just how delicious they are. Well, one way to keep this at bay is by adding lentils to your diet. They are delicious and easy to cook. They leave a taste like no other and are very good for the body. If you are making a salad this a definite plus. All you need to do is remember to add some vinegar in it for some better taste.

If you’re an impulsive cook then you know the best and easiest vegetables to cook are Lentils. You do not have to soak them in water at all. Just put them in the pan and begin to cook them. They are very nutritious and healthy for the body. Try some today for excellent results.

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