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8 Effective Natural Home Remedies For Fever

8 Effective Natural Home Remedies For Fever

Most everyone gets a fever sometime in their lifetime. Fevers are often come with the chills and sweating. This can be very uncomfortable.

If you have a fever then you should stay home from work or school. If your fever is above 102 F and you cannot get it to go down, then you should see a doctor. If your temperature is lower than that, then you can follow home remedies to lower your fever at home.


#1. Bed Rest

One of the most natural home remedies to do when you have a fever is to spend plenty of time in bed. This will give your body more time to focus on healing you, rather than working or doing chores.

While fevers themselves are not contagious, the cold or infection that is causing it might be contagious. When you or your child has a fever it is best to stay home from school or work until the fever breaks. Taking a couple of naps in one day is common and effective when someone has a fever. Luckily, fevers do not usually last long.

#2. Drink Water

While you have a fever it is important to drink water often so that you can keep your body hydrated. If a fever is not treated correctly, dehydration can occur.

While a person has a fever, they usually sweat a lot, which makes them lose water from inside of their body. To ensure that they do not become dehydrated, a person should drink water throughout the day. Try to avoid drinking soda or alcoholic beverages when you have a fever, as those drinks are not nearly as helpful as plain water is.

#3. Sports Drinks

While you should generally avoid sugary drinks when you are ill, sports drinks can actually full of benefits. Many athletes drink sports drinks after a workout or a game.

Usually these athletes are sweating. Drinking sports drinks helps to refill their body with water and with helpful vitamins and other nutrients. Drinking a sports drink or two a day in small amounts will help to recharge you or your child.

#4. Soup

Eating soup can also help to hydrate your body, as well as providing it with helpful vitamins and nutrients. The most helpful soup is any kind with chicken and vegetables in it.

The chicken is an excellent natural remedy for fever that really helps, but vegetables are still good for your body. However, if you are a vegetarian you can use vegetable soup, but it will not work as well as chicken soup would have.


#5. Cold Compress

One home remedy to actively cool down a fever is to use a cold compress. You can do this by soaking a towel in cold water and applying it to your forehead. This should help to cool you down a couple of degrees.

You can also wrap up ice or a frozen bag or peas in a towel and put that on your forehead. This should also be able to cool down your fever. You should not let the ice directly touch your skin; always have a towel.

#6. Dress in Layers

Fevers often come with chills, which can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Dressing in layers is a natural home remedy for fever as it makes it easier to be at a comfortable temperature.

When you are feeling hot, you can remove a layer, and when you are feeling cold you can add a layer. While this may result in changing your clothing often, it should help to make you feel more comfortable.

#7. Painkillers

Taking general painkillers is a good way to fight a fever, but you only need to take them if your fever is over 102℉. If you have a baby under the age of two, you should take them to a doctor when they have a fever instead of giving them medicine. Also, do not use aspirin, as it can sometimes lead to more serious complications.


#8. Cold Desserts

Many children are fussy in their daily lives, but even more so when they become ill. One thing that children love whether they are sick or not are popsicles and ice cream. These types of foods can cool down a child from the inside out. Popsicles work better than most frozen treats, but any kind should work. Give your child a cold snack every few hours to help with their fever.

Hopefully these natural remedies will prove to a good treatment in curing your fever.

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