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7 Simple Home Remedies For Shingles

What Is Shingles?

Shingles is caused by a virus that is left over after someone gets chickenpox. Shingles usually occurs in adults over the age of fifty, but can happen before then. It occurs at this time because that’s when the body’s immune system starts to weaken.

With shingles, rashes and blisters will appear on the individual’s neck, face, and they may even just get a rash on one half of their body. Pain can come without rashes as well.

Shingles is highly contagious like measles, so the infected person should stay away from other people who have not been vaccinated for chicken pox. They should especially stay away from babies and pregnant women, as they are the ones most vulnerable to the virus.

Sufferers from shingles should use natural remedies as soon as they see symptoms (Itching, burning, chills, fever, rashes, blisters, and body-ache) of the virus. It is best to start treatment early so that the virus can be cleared up and be made less painful as quickly as possible.

Getting rid of the virus as soon as possible can help to prevent further nerve damage that could cause pain for years to come afterwards. Here are some home remedies to help fight shingles:

Here are some home remedies to help fight shingles

7 Simple Home Remedies For Shingles

#1. Bed Rest

Bed rest is necessary if one is to get healthy again. Although it may seem like lying around is not doing much at first, it really is helping. Laying in bed and getting some sleep helps the body regain some immunity and helps insure the upkeep of your healing.

#2. Eat Garlic

Garlic has many immunity-boosting properties and is an excellent home remedy for shingles. Just by adding some garlic to your food or taking a couple of garlic capsules a day (take daily for at least a week to see the progress) you can help your immune system get itself back on track to where it’s supposed to be.

Garlic has many immunity-boosting properties and is an excellent home remedy for shingles

#3. Licorice Tea

Licorice is another natural remedy that contains anti-viral properties and helps to boost the immune system. You can drink the tea, rub stronger licorice tea on the rash (a few times a day), or get licorice ointment to put on the rash.

Doing this will help to clean out the rash (rubbing, not drinking) and help to improve your immune system, which in turn will help to fight off the virus.

#4. Baking Soda

To relieve yourself from itching, put baking soda on the rash. It is best to clean the affected area before doing so to insure that the baking soda helps you get relief instead of hurting you even further.

Baking soda can also help to dry out some sores, helping them to heal more quickly. (Corn starch can also help to dry out sores).

To relieve yourself from itching, put baking soda on the rash

#5. Taking Care of Skin Sores

One thing that may not be so obvious to some people is that it is highly important that no matter how itchy the rashes may get, you should not scratch them. If you can avoid scratching your blisters, then they will eventually crust over and fall off naturally.

It may seem disgusting at the time, but it really is good that your body is doing that. The best natural home remedy is to soak crusted sores in warm water to clean them out, reducing oozing from blisters, and help to dry out the sores.

#6. Cold Packs

After cleaning out the infected area, applying a cold-pack or ice wrapped in a small towel are one of the best natural remedies to reduce some of the pain. The cold-packs or ice should be applied for at least ten minutes at a time and repeated as often as necessary.

#7. Anti-Itch Cream

Since avoiding scratching blisters and sore is so important, it might be wise to put some anti-itch cream on the infected area. Make sure to clean out the sores first. Apply a cold-pack or ice for at least ten minutes.

Then apply the anti-itch cream of your choice to reduce the urge to scratch. Scratching increases the chance of reopening a sore and slows down the healing process, so this is a very important measure to take towards healing.

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Good luck with fighting away shingles with these simple natural home remedies!

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