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7 Home Remedies To Overcome Caffeine Addiction

7 Home Remedies To Overcome Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine has both positive and negative effects. It can give you a boost of energy to get through your workday or help to keep your mind focused while studying for an exam. It can also help to keep your mind alert during demanding assignments.

But it can also make you feel sluggish if it is drunk in excess. It can also cause a variety of symptoms such as diarrhea, agitation, restless leg syndrome, and hands that continuously shake. If you develop an addiction to caffeine it can become quite hard to quit but with these 7 home remedies for caffeine addiction you can be on your way to a more relaxed mindset.

#1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is an excellent home remedy for caffeine addiction as it contains enzymes that help to clean the body out. It also has electrolytes that gives your body energy and replenishes nutrients.

It also helps to prevent sluggishness by keeping your mind and body energized. It also helps to fight off fatigue that may come forth from too many caffeinated beverages.

coconut water

#2. Probiotic Drinks

Probiotic drinks help to flush the body out of bad radicals and toxins. It also helps to clean the intestines out from waste that sits in it.

It makes sure that the intestinal walls are kept clean. It also helps to promote good bacteria in the body so that it is kept healthy.

#3. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a natural remedy that helps to improve digestion by helping to breakdown food easily. It also helps to produce a regular bowel movement therefore preventing diarrhea that may occur from caffeine.

It also helps to reduce memory problems by keeping the mind keen and alert. It also helps to improve your mood especially when feeling down or sluggish. It also helps to reduce bloating and flatulence.

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#4. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea helps to relieve the mind and body from stress and anxiety. Where caffeine can cause the body to become restless and have excess energy that may keep you awake into the early morning, chamomile tea puts you in a relaxed state.

It reduces tension in the body and also helps to make sure that you get a full night’s sleep. It also helps with caffeine withdrawal symptoms that may make it difficult to get through your day.

chamomile tea

#5. Garlic Tea

Garlic is another natural home remedy that helps to produce a calming state of mind while also reducing symptoms of caffeine addiction. It also helps to aid with digestion while preventing diarrhea and a rapid bowel movement from occurring.

It also helps to facilitate a more natural bowel movement. It also helps to clear the body of toxins that may try to multiply and cause illness or sickness to occur.

#6. Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the best natural remedies that helps to reduce stress of the mind and body while causing a more calm state of being. It also helps to eliminate tension that may cause the body to be agitated or in a continuous state of discomfort.

It also helps to flush out bad toxins and radicals that may be free flowing throughout the body. It also helps to aid with blood circulation so that blood is constantly moving throughout the body. It also helps to reduce caffeine withdrawal symptoms by making the body build a defense to fight off cravings and the need for it.


#7. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea helps to stop tension or even restlessness in the body by producing a relaxed state. It also helps to calm the mind especially when agitated or sluggish.

Try these natural remedies and overcome your caffeine addiction in no time!

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