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7 Health Benefits Of Eggs

Why You Should Eat Eggs?

Eggs, they come in all forms, fresh, fried, scrambled and even as a Eggnog, a liquid version of eggs which is great for that quick meal. But how many of us eat enough of them? They are so good for us but we so often buy the carton of eggs and before we know it is past their use by date!

You might wonder why you should try to eat more eggs. Well quite simply because they are very good for you. In fact so good that they are one food that people with diabetes 2 can healthily eat.

Major Benefits of Eggs

7 Major Benefits Of Eating Eggs

#1. Cholesterol

In the past many people had the vague notion or conviction that eating eggs was not good for their cholesterol. Scientists now tell us that not only is up to 2 eggs a day is not only fine but may lower cholesterol!

So go on have those scrambled eggs or a boiled egg like you did as a kid for breakfast, stop for an eggnog at lunchtime if you are working from home or even ask for one when you go to a cafe. It is easy to make, just milk, eggs, some flavour and you have a nutritious liquid lunch!

You might wonder why eggs are not bad for your cholesterol levels. Well they do contain fat but mostly the good kind! In fact one egg only contains just over one gram of bad fat. Given all their other amazing properties this small amount of fat is dwarfed when compared to all of these.

why eggs are not bad for your cholesterol levels

#2. Cancer

Eggs contain choline a substance that protects you against cancer. Anything that is anti-cancer is great in your diet!

Eggs contain choline a substance that protects you against cancer.

#3. Brain & Nervous System

Firstly eggs contain a lot of protein necessary for brain power and the optimal functioning of the nervous system. Eggs are also one of the few food sources of a chemical called Choline. This Choline assists in the relaying of messages from the brain to nerves and muscles. It is also essential for the healthy development of baby when in the womb, preventing foetal brain defects.

Choline is also a precursor to the formation of serotonin which helps regulate mood and also is crucial in the management of depression, bipolar and other mental health diseases.

#4. Weight Loss

Yes, that’s right! Eating eggs regularly maintains your weight due to the full feeling that eggs give you from all that protein. In addition you can actually lose weight due to not being as hungry when you have consumed eggs.

Egge for Weght Loss

#5. Cardiovascular

Eggs are not only acceptable when it comes to monitoring your cholesterol, they can even be beneficial for the heart. Essentially eggs eaten regularly can actually reduce the incidence of blood clotting, strokes and heart attacks!

eggs are beneficial for the heart

#6. Breast Cancer

Women who consumer six eggs a week have reduced their incidence of breast cancer by an amazing 44%.

Women who consumer six eggs a week have reduced their incidence of breast cancer

7. Healthy Hair & Nails

Yes, no need for that shiny shampoo. This might explain why some natural therapy specialists suggest you wash you hair with eggs! You see eggs are high in sulphur. And it is this that gives people healthy nails and shiny healthy hair!

So now you know, eggs are not only diverse in how you can eat them but they have a multitude of positive health benefits. One last thing make sure you buy free range eggs from healthy hens that have their freedom:-) The eggs are then not only ethical but I am sure they taste better:-)

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