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2015 Tiger Horoscope

Yearly 2015 Tiger Horoscope

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The 2015 Tiger horoscope predicts that you will not face any adversities or challenges during the Year of Wood Goat 2015. That does not imply that you need not exert yourselves and success will come to you automatically. On the contrary, the amount of success depends directly on the effort you put into the project.

The tigers in Chinese astrology have a fighting spirit. Many admire this about you. You can be a bit aggressive and you’re very courageous. Even though you live up to your Chinese zodiac sign, the Tiger, you are a sensitive soul and tend to be a deep thinker. You are also very loyal to those you care about, making you a wonderful friend to have.

The Chinese horoscope 2015 suggests that you should have a clear picture of what you want to achieve during the year 2015. Destiny is on your side and you will be endowed with the required positive energy and attitude to complete your targets successfully.

The basic traits of calmness of the goat and the adventurous nature of the Tiger somehow complement one another and the result will be spectacular to cherish during this period.

The yearly Feng Shui predictions for the Tiger forecast prosperity, wealth and success. There might be a few conflicts in your job and business. But with your diplomatic nature, you will be able to overcome all problems in 2015.

Many important things are going to happen on the personal front. If you are looking for a new residence and want to renovate it with personal luxuries, year 2015 presents you an opportunity. You should spend some time and money on yourself and your family after all the hard work you have done previously. (Read more in the Tiger 2015 horoscope).

The 2015 Tiger horoscope predicts that you will not face any adversities or challenges during the Year of Wood Goat 2015.

2015 Tiger Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts

The tiger horoscope 2015 suggests that if you are single, prospects of getting into new love relationships are excellent. There are good chances for you to find your ideal soul mate. If you are already in a serious relationship, you may get into permanent relationship with a marriage. (Test your Chinese horoscope compatibility).

Year 2015 promises to be a happy year for married couples with more harmony and devotion to your spouse. This will enhance your emotional strength to a large extent. Do not let your sensitivity come in the way of your love life. Your lover and you might have difference of opinions. Everything you do for your lover might not be right, but you need to learn from your mistakes.

If you are keen on expanding your family, the year is auspicious to get pregnant for the Chinese zodiac tiger sign. You can find out the gender of your baby using the Chinese baby gender predictor. Be it with your spouse or family, you need to be practical and diplomatic instead of being dominating and bossy. The compatibility between the tiger and pig, amongst other signs will be excellent in 2015.

Year 2015 being the year of Goat, you will get many opportunities to explore new countries and understand their way of living and their cultures. You can spend a romantic holiday with your spouse in a scenic place which will improve your bonding with your love mate.

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2015 Tiger Horoscope Predictions For Career / Finance / Business

The Chinese horoscope 2015 predictions for the tiger forecast that you will be a great leader when it comes to your job or business. You will be able to motivate your team with your enthusiasm and positive attitude.

You will be full of original ideas which will be appreciated by your colleagues and you will be able to attain your objectives easily in the year 2015. You look for absolute acceptance of your ideas and will be irritated if there is an opposition to your view point. Nor do you like any curbs on your freedom by your boss. (Take a look at the corresponding Aquarius 2015 horoscope predictions).

Tigers are flexible in their approach and will accomplish any task provided they are free to act and use their intellect. Career prospects are bright with chances of a promotion in your job in the Year of the Green Wood Sheep.

The tiger 2015 predictions foretell that financially things will not move at the speed you want due to the peaceful influence of the Goat during the year 2015. You should control your impetuosity and allow things to take their own natural course.

Year 2015 provides you opportunities to spend money on yourself and on the luxuries of the family for a change. You have been working hard to accumulate money, and this is the time to enjoy life.

The Chinese zodiac 2015 predictions foretell that you will make great personal strides in your ambitious outer life. You will have plenty of riches. Hence there is no harm in donating generously to charities and social causes. The more you give, the more you get. Giving will improve your spiritual strength, which in turn will result in greater personal happiness.

Tigers should not indulge in speculative ventures as they may fold up, if they are not based on sound financial foundations. Also take a look at the horoscope 2015 predictions.

2015 Tiger Horoscope For Health

The year of the sheep predictions 2015 for the tiger forecasts that you are fortunate to have an excellent health with ample vitality. You will excel in athletics and sports. Diet and exercise should be given enough attention to maintain physical fitness.

Tigers do not care much about their spiritual health which is necessary for enhancing physical well-being. More importance should be given to this aspect of health. You might also fall prey to flu or fever. Take precautions immediately before it gets serious.


You might also be interested in trying out some beauty treatments. It’s not such a bad idea to get rid of those wrinkles and acne scars.


Overall, the 2015 tiger horoscope predicts that this will be a lucky and enthusiastic year for the tigers. As long as you are focused on your goals, fame and success will be yours. You show the courage to step upto any challenge, thus making you a natural born leader. Be it love, finance, career or health, you need not worry about anything in 2015.

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