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2015 Libra Horoscope

Annual Prediction For 2015 Libra Horoscope

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The Libra horoscope 2015 predicts that this year presents both rewards and challenges for this sun sign. Your indecisive nature can be a problem, so buckle down and take a stand. Your ability to be accommodating and diplomatic comes in handy in the following months.

Find your inner artist and free your mind. Your career flourishes in 2015, but not without effort on your part. In the love department, your peace loving ways and dislike of confrontation can cause problems. (Click here to get your career horoscope for 2015).

The Libra astrology predictions 2015 also foretell that health issues need to be addressed in early spring. This year, you will be able to relax a little when it comes to your finances. Family is important to you, maintain those close relationships. Friends see you as a source of stability and strength. (Also see the corresponding Chinese Dog Horoscope 2015).

The 2015 Libra horoscope predicts that this year presents both rewards and challenges for this sun sign.

2015 Libra Love Horoscope – Relationships Forecasts For The SCALES

As a Libra man or woman, you are a compassionate, sensitive, peace loving creature at heart. While these are all great qualities to have in a love or soul mate, your tendency to ‘sweep issues under the rug’ to avoid conflict isn’t health.

Although it makes you uncomfortable initially, it is best to address issues within your relationship head on, when they occur. You will feel better in the long run instead of letting things build up. The 2015 Libra horoscope predicts that if you’re looking for love, be patient. An unexpected, whirl-wind romance is headed your way in late summer. (Get your love astrology horoscope).

You may consider the source of this new found love to be ‘off putting’ at first, but give it time. The strong personality traits of this potential partner will become your assets in your future, proving to be your anchor in times of crisis.

Close friends will rely on the Libran compassion to get them through some tough times this year. Your family ties are strong, but become even stronger in the coming year. Relations with parents will improve. The beginning of the year will be an excellent time to get pregnant.

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2015 Libra Horoscope Predictions For Career / Finance / Business

The Libra horoscope 2015 predicts that this year is a good time for Librans in the area of career and business. In late winter, Jupiter is in your 6th house, requiring the need to work hard and stay focused. Doing so will prove your ability to handle what your job throws at you.

A job promotion is in the cards for the Libra zodiac sign and the upper management is ready to make an offer you can’t refuse. This is also a good time to think about continuing your education to keep your mind fresh and keep you in the forefront for future advancements.

As your career soars, your finances improve. You will be able to breathe a little easier in the coming year, regarding money. Guard your earnings, as others may try to exploit your giving nature. The 2015 predictions also show that this is a good year to make some healthy investments. (Get your financial astrology reading).

Consult a financial advisor to ensure wise decisions so that you receive a good return. There is also money to be made using your artistic talents. Seek out local resources to help you get started.

2015 Libra Horoscope For Health

The 2015 Libra astrology forecasts foretell that your physical health won’t present many issues of concern this year. That said, don’t neglect yourself. Go for all standing medical appointments and checkups.

Your mental health is easily maintained due to your ‘go with the flow’ attitude. This will be tested in the coming year. Don’t let others rattle you and catch you off guard. Stay true to your way of thinking. As the symbol for Libra is the scales, be fair but firm.

Take in some yoga classes or practice meditation to preserve your pleasant attitude that others admire in you. You also possess an artistic ability, Libra that is yet to be discovered. Expressing yourself through art can be a great outlet for relieving stress and frustration. (Know about 10 ways to reduce stress).

2015 Monthly Libra Horoscopes

January 2015 will be a month of hard work for the Librans. You might feel that your life is out of balance. But that is not the case. This is just a period that will sow the seeds of success for the future.

February 2015 will see a mix of work and pleasure. Relationships will prosper. Now is the time to search for inner peace that will help you become spiritually focused.

March 2015 is a month, when you will make important decisions that could change your life. The Libra 2015 horoscope predicts that you are keen on planning for a safe future right away.

April 2015 is a month of emotions and strong intuition but you might not agree with what your mind is trying to tell you.

May 2015 You might feel the urge to make unnecessary changes in your career and personal life in May. But the horoscope 2015 foretells that these changes might just not be needed.

June 2015 is a good month to start planning your finances for the coming year. Cut down on unwanted expenses and be assured of a financially comfortable future.

July 2015 calls for being realistic and making wise decisions. It is good to be ambitious and have dreams of achieving your goals, but hard work is equally important too.

August 2015 might be a month of self doubt and confusion. It is perfectly fine if you are not feeling up to the mark. The Libra zodiac 2015 predictions suggest that just take it easy and the coming months will turn out to be better.

September 2015 might be a difficult month for people born under the Libra zodiac sign. You will faced with multiple issues that will need your attention.

October 2015 will see a change in your attitude towards life. You will now start understanding the importance and seriousness of some issues which you might have laughed away till now.

November 2015 will stand for planning for the latter part of the month. You might feel a little low on energy in the beginning, but this will get better with time.

December 2015 will a month of indulgence and enjoyment. You might go overboard splurging on buying gadgets and gifts for your loved ones.

The 2015 Libra horoscope predicts that overall this might be a trying year. But thanks to your intelligence and patience, everything will fall into place at the end.

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