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2015 Capricorn Horoscope

Annual Prediction For 2015 Capricorn Horoscope

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The Capricorn horoscope 2015 predicts that you will continue to amaze in the coming year. You will gain a new respect from your colleagues and loved ones in the year 2015. Jealousy will not be a factor due to the fact that you are just too likeable.

Your finances only get better. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have earned it. You climb the corporate ladder at a fast pace in the coming year. (Get a financial astrology reading).

The Capricorn zodiac sign are known for being responsible in just about every area of your life. You are also known to maintain close relationships with family and friends. You are respected by your peers, to say the least.


But the astrology 2015 predictions for the Capricorn does warn that your health may suffer. This is due to your uncanny ability to over analyze and worry. In the area of love, you take chances with your heart and the outcome is a welcomed surprise, if you’re willing to take a few risks. (Check your love compatibility).

The 2015 Capricorn horoscope predicts that you will continue to amaze in the coming year.

2015 Capricorn Love Horoscope – Relationships Forecasts For The GOAT

The Capricorn zodiac 2015 forecasts that your ruling planet, Saturn, favors you this year in the area of love. Always maintaining an air of ‘having it together’, you let your guard down unexpectedly and take chances with your heart. Sexual compatibility with partner will improve. This might also be a good year to get pregnant.


Although you find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone, it is a risk you are willing to take as someone worthwhile enters your life. Your friendships that have a strong foundation will continue to grow and improve.

You may lose one or two friends you thought had staying power, only to find they did not have your best interest at heart. Don’t mourn their loss too long and stay focused on the friends who deserve your attention. (Take the FLAMES test).

Family members will seek your advice in the areas of finance and career in 2015. You live by example and others respect you for it. Younger family members look up to you and your responsible nature. You are seen as a constant, stable force within your family. (Take a look at the Capricorn horoscope 2015).


2015 Capricorn Horoscope Predictions For Career / Finance / Business


The 2015 Capricorn horoscope foretells that there is no need to worry as you find yourself staring at a job promotion later in the year. You have paid your dues in your occupational field and management is sitting up and taking notice. New business deals will be profitable.

Relax and continue to show your worth by staying focused, as you always have. Some co-workers will be caught off guard as you’re promoted, but not surprised due to your great work ethic. You could think of continuing your education. Learning new skills will help you climb the corporate ladder faster.

With the job promotion comes a pay increase, better than you might have expected. Horoscope 2015 suggests that you splurge on yourself occasionally. It is not necessary to be such a penny-pincher all the time. You are diligent about paying your bills on time. The term ‘late fees’ makes your stomach turn. (Get your corresponding Chinese Ox horoscope 2015).

2015 Capricorn Horoscope For Health


While everyone experiences stress, the Capricorn seems to wallow in it at times. You worry about worrying, stress about stressing. This negative thought process only exacerbates the problem. The Capricorn 2015 horoscope suggests that you stop thinking about things you have no control over. Here are 10 ways to reduce stress.

Become proactive about the areas in which you do have control. This will relieve some stress and benefit your general well-being. Headaches and neck pain may haunt you this year. Invest in massage and other stress reducing activities. Do not hesitate to see a headache specialist or neurologist if they increase in intensity and/or frequency. (You can also try these alternative healing therapies).

A day at the spa, every now and then, will relax and refresh you more than imagined. Take a friend with you so you are distracted with conversation instead of analyzing the work week ahead.

2015 Monthly Capricorn Horoscopes

January 2015 could turn out to be an expensive month for you if you do not keep a hold on your wallet. You will feel this sudden impulse to splurge on things that you might not need.

February 2015 will be devoted totally to family, friends and volunteering in the community. This is a good way to help others as well as get to know each other better.

March 2015 is a good time to begin a new job or project. You will need to get out of your comfort zone if you truly want to be successful in life.

April 2015 will be a month when the Capricorn zodiac sign people will reap the benefits of their hard work. The past few months have been hectic for you. It’s time to sit back and enjoy!

May 2015 will be a lethargic month. Work will take a backseat. You want to go on a vacation badly but that might just not be possible. It will be better if you find alternate methods of relaxation.

June 2015 will see you just on the verge of fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. Do not lose hope now but keep up with your hard work.

July 2015 will be good time spent with friends and family. You are making up for the past few months when you had neglected them. (find out if your job is killing your love life?).

August 2015 might see some minor arguments and conflicts with people around you. The 2015 Capricorn horoscope predicts that you need to let others express their feelings instead of always being the dominating one.

September 2015 will be a month when you will start questioning if you are doing the right thing at all. Be it love, career or finance you might feel that you are making all the wrong decisions.

October 2015 is a good time to take things easy and light. You have put in enough efforts but you need to be patient and not get upset with obstacles. A life without problems wouldn’t be for real at all!

November 2015 is a good month for positive thinking and fantasizing about your dreams. The 2015 predictions warn you not to think negatively all the time.

December 2015 shows excellent communication skills that do not usually go with the zodiac personality of the goat. But it is good to sometimes talk your mind.

2015 Capricorn horoscope predicts that your hard efforts will be fruitful. But be careful not to get obsessed with jealousy or the greed for power.

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