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10 Top Natural Home Remedies For Swollen Feet

Why Do People Get Swollen Feet?

Swollen feet are common in many types of people. The people most at risk for getting swollen feet are overweight people, pregnant women, and people with high blood pressure.

This article will discuss home remedies to make your feet swell less often, as well as some tips especially for people who have swollen feet because of high blood pressure levels.

 10 Natural Home Remedies For Swollen Feet

#1. Get Moving

One great home remedy to keep your feet from swelling is to get your blood circulating better. The best way to get your blood flowing is to exercise. If your feet are swollen it might be hard to do many exercises, but swimming and yoga are still great ways to get moving without putting too much stress on your feet.

If it is warm out, or if you cannot go to a gym, then swimming will be able to help more. If not, then yoga is still a great solution, along with any other exercises that you can think of.

walk to reduce feet swelling

#2. Lower Stress

One thing that can cause swollen feet is high blood pressure, and high stress levels can complicate the symptoms of having high blood pressure. Another reason for having swollen feet is when women are pregnant.

A woman should try to be as relaxed as possible while she is pregnant. Some ways to reduce stress might be as simple as sitting in a quiet place alone for a while. Taking a walk, reading, or watching a film might also be able to help.

#3. Diet

If you have high blood pressure or if you are pregnant then it is better if you have a healthy diet. Try to avoid fast food, junk food, and processed foods. To be as healthy as possible you should try to make meals at home with fresh ingredients.

Try to stick to lean meats instead of salty red meats, whole grains instead of more processed grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned. Little changes in your diet can make a big difference in your health. All of this are also excellent natural home remedies that can help reduce the swelling in your feet.

have a healthy diet

#4. Lower Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure problems, then lowering your blood pressure is key to not having swollen feet. Talk to your doctor about medications that can help. Along with medications, diet, exercise, and low levels of stress can help to lower blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, you should also try to avoid alcohol, as it can peak blood pressure levels.

#5. Stay Hydrated

An important part of staying healthy is staying hydrated. A healthy person should drink between six and eight glasses of water a day. If you constantly have swollen feet, then you might want to aim for eight glasses to see improvement. When you are thirsty, drink water instead of soda and juice. This natural remedy can quench your thirst without taking in unnecessary sugar.

10 home remedies for swollen feet

#6. Epsom Salt

For quick, but temporary relief, you can soak your feet in an epsom bath. If you have a foot bath, then you can fill it with warm water and then add a tablespoon or two of epsom salt. If you do not have a foot bath, then you can fill a large bowl or your bathtub with warm water instead. Soak your feet in this bath for at least fifteen minutes. You can do this as often as once a day.

#7. Massage

Massaging your feet is a great way to get your blood circulating better. It may not be able to reduce the swelling completely, but it definitely should be able to help a little. Adding oils like coconut oil can also provide additional help to your foot massage. You can massage your feet as often as you like, for as long as you like, whenever your feet feel swollen.

#8. Pillows

Whenever you are not busy and your feet are swollen, try propping them up on some pillows. This will help to relieve stress on them and it can help to reduce the swelling. If you’ve got time to relax, do it with your feet elevated.

prop feet on pillows

#9. Ginger

Ginger is a great natural home remedy that can be added to any meal, and even some drinks. Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties that can help with your swollen feet. All you have to do is add more ginger to your diet. Whether you want to shred the ginger and add it to salads, or if you just want a cup of ginger tea every once in a while, consuming ginger can help.

#10. Garlic

Like ginger, you can also add garlic to your meals to help your body. Garlic helps to lower blood pressure and help with many other functions of the body. Also like ginger, all you have to do to make the garlic work is eat it. Try to eat a clove of garlic a day if you have high blood pressure. If you do not have high blood pressure, then just add it to your meals whenever you like.

Hopefully these natural remedies can help you with your swollen feet.

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