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10 Top Home Remedies For Sunstroke

What Is Sunstroke?

Sunstroke, otherwise known as heatstroke, can be a serious and scary thing. When a person gets too hot and cannot cool down it sometimes causes them to pass out. This is the biggest sign of sunstroke.

If a person is feeling woozy in the sun you need to begin taking measures to prevent sunstroke. There isn’t anything you can do at home to cure sunstroke. Call the doctor if you are around someone who has sunstroke. Until then, you can use these home remedies to make them feel a little better until an ambulance shows up.


10 Top Home Remedies For Sunstroke

#1. Dress in Light Clothing

One natural remedy to try to prevent getting sunstroke is by wearing light or cool clothing.

If someone gets sunstroke, then you could also take off some of their clothing to help them to cool off. This works better as a preventative measure though.

#2. Stay Inside

If you have sunstroke, try to go inside if you can. Getting out of the sun can help a great deal. If it is really hot out, the best natural home remedy to prevent getting sunstroke is to stay inside. Anything hotter than 100℉ is too hot to be outside for long.

#3. Stay in the Shade

If it is a hot day and you can’t be inside, then you should try to stay in the shade.

If someone already has sunstroke, then you should bring them into the shade right away. This is a great way to help someone cool down a little bit.

#4. Keep Hydrated

One of the most important natural remedies to do when it is hot outside, and even on a general basis, is to stay hydrated. Make sure that you drink plenty of water when it is hot outside. Drinking lemonade, energy drinks, and other low-sugar beverages can help to keep you hydrated on a hot day. If someone has sunstroke, then you should encourage them to drink water right away.

#5. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

While water and energy drinks can help you on a hot day, there are some beverages that can make you more likely to get sunstroke are beverages with caffeine or alcohol in it. These drinks actually do a better job at dehydrating you rather than hydrating you. Avoid these drinks when it is hot out, and do not give them to a person with sunstroke.

#6. Fans

If a person has sunstroke, or if you are trying to avoid getting sunstroke, then you should try to keep cool. One easy way to do this is to use a fan. An electric fan will help the most, but even a simple a hand-held fan will be able to help a little bit. If someone has sunstroke, fanning them will help. If you begin to feel dizzy in the heat, then fanning yourself should also help.


#7. Cold Compress

Another natural remedy to cool down is to use a cold compress. You can do this easily and in several different ways. One way is to run a towel under cold water and apply to your forehead.

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Another way is to wrap an ice pack, or ice, in a towel  and apply it to your forehead as well. While this can help to prevent sunstroke, it’s better to use on someone who already has sunstroke.

#8. Cool Shower or Bath

If you have one around when a person has sunstroke, then taking a shower or a bath with cool water can help to cool a person down. Having a pool around, or if you are at the beach, can also help.

However, if someone has sunstroke, someone else should monitor them while they are near so much water. Keep a careful eye on this person so that she or he doesn’t drown is very important.

#9. Don’t Use Fever Medications

One thing people commonly do when they feel ill some sunstroke is to use medications. This is a bad idea, especially if the person is using fever medications. Do not use any fever medications, or medication of any kind unless told to do so by a doctor. Especially don’t try to give passed out people medicine.

#10. Keep Calm

The most important thing to do if you or someone else is suffering sunstroke is to remain calm. Being stressed out or panicky can make things worse, and quickly. Even though the situation may seem scary, doctors can easily treat it. It’s best not to stress out about it. Stay calm, relax, and wait for an ambulance.

Hopefully, these natural remedies can help you to treat and prevent sunstrokes.

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