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10 Top Home Remedies For Postnasal Drip

What Is Postnasal Drip?

A postnasal drip is when you have a cold or it is allergy season and your body is making too much mucus. On a daily basis a person regularly swallows mucus and does not notice it.

When you have a postnasal drip more mucus than normal will go down your throat and it usually feels uncomfortable and simply gross. This article will give you some simple home remedies on how you can treat your postnasal drip at home.

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10 Top Home Remedies For Postnasal Drip

#1. Allergies

One main cause of a postnasal drip is pollen allergies. If it is pollen season, then you need to take steps to treat your allergies if you want to treat your postnasal drip. You can do this easily by taking a daily allergy pill. Also, try to keep your face covered when you are outside; try using a light scarf. Take a shower once you are inside for the day, as this natural remedy can get the pollen from the day off you.

#2. Humidifier

You may have a postnasal drip because the air around you is too dry and your body is trying to make up for it. Setting up a humidifier is a great way to easily add more moisture into the air. You can also boil water in a kettle on your stove to have a similar effect if you do not already have a humidifier.

#3. Stay Warm

Many times the weather can affect your sinuses. If it is too cold out, then this could easily cause a postnasal drip. If you are sick, try to avoid going outside as often as you can. If you have to go outside, then you should wear a scarf to cover your nose and mouth. When you are indoors stay warm under blankets.

#4. Avoid Spicy Food

Spicy food is great natural home remedy at making your mucus come out of your body, but in messy ways, like making you have a runny nose. Avoid eating any spicy food until your postnasal drip ends. Instead try to stick with foods like chicken soup and other foods full of vegetables or fruits.

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#5. Stuck Objects

In children a postnasal drip is sometimes caused when they get an object stuck up their nose. If your child has a postnasal drip ask them if they put something up their nose. They might be able to solve this problem simply by blowing their nose. In some cases you may need to use tweezers to get the lodged object out. If you are having trouble getting the object out, see a doctor to make sure that you do not accidentally cause damage to your child’s nose. Once the object is out, the postnasal drip should end shortly after.

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#6. Don’t Smoke

If you have a cold or if it is allergy season, do not smoke. No one should smoke no matter what state of health they are in, but smoking during these times can add extra irritants to your body. In general, it is the smoke from the cigarettes that irritates the nose and causes the postnasal drip. Try to quit smoking in general, hold off on it while you are sick, or avoid people who smoke until you get over your cold or until allergy season passes.

#7. Avoid Perfumes

Almost like cigarette smoke, heavy smelling perfumes can also irritate your nose and can cause a postnasal drip. While you are sick or while it is pollen season you should avoid wearing perfumes, cologne, heavily scented soaps. Using heavily smelly cleaning supplies or air fresheners may also bother you. Avoid using these products as a home remedy until you feel better.


#8. Avoid Milk

While you are feeling under the weather you should avoid milk. Milk has a knack for making even more mucus. When you have a postnasal drip you already have an abundance of mucus, so the last thing you need is more of it. You can still eat some dairy products like hard cheeses and yogurt.

#9. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is an important part of everyday life and it is especially important when you have a cold or are ill in any other way. Try to drink around eight glasses of water a day. This will keep the inside of your body adequately hydrated, which should let your body know that it doesn’t need to make as much mucus.

#10. Salt Water

Rinse If your throat feels gross because of the postnasal drip then you may want to try a salt water rinse. This should help to clear out a little of the mucus in your throat. Get a glass of warm water and add in a tablespoon of salt. Mix in the salt until the water looks clear again. Gargle a sip of this for about thirty seconds and then spit it out. Repeat this until the water is gone. You may want to drink something cool and salt-free afterwards.

Try these natural home remedies that can help with your postnasal drip.

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