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10 Top Home Remedies For Piles

What Is Piles?

Piles also known as hemorrhoids is one of the most painful situations that people face on a wild scale. Piles basically refer to enlarged veins in the rectum which could lead to a lot pain. In this affliction, the veins that are present around the anus are enlarged and swollen. This primarily occurs around the anus or the lower rectum. This situation arises due increased pressure, both internal and external in nature, in and around the anal canal.

Thus it is apparent that Piles could be both an internal and external situation. These are mostly insidious and their affects are not felt unless the condition deteriorates exponentially. Though internal piles are not visible to the naked eye, external piles are clearly visible.

Some of the prime causes of piles are pregnancy, extreme and constant constipation, aging, high intake of low fiber diet and hereditary reasons. Though there are many medications that could help somebody with the treatment of piles however these may also have some side effects. Thus if at all possible one should go for home remedies for treating piles.

10 Top Home Remedies For Piles

#1. Banana

Banana if consumed mashed with milk could prove to be very helpful in the treatment of piles. It should be eaten 3-5 times a day. This could prove to be very nourishing home remedy as it has other health benefits too.

#2. Black Cumin Seeds

Black cumin seeds are probably the most common and most effective natural home remedy to treat hemorrhoids. To use this for the maximum effect at the minimum effort one could roast some of the seeds and then mix it with some unroasted cumin seeds. This could then be grounded together and consumed with water.


#3. Radish Juice

Though bitter in taste radish works like magic when it comes to a natural remedy of piles. Juice of radish if consumed regularly could give immediate results. Though you may need to work your way up to higher quantities of this juice because it could be most effective when consumed in proper amounts and this may pose a challenge as it tastes extremely bitter.

#4. Buttermilk

Regular consumption of buttermilk along with carom seed also helps in the treatment of piles. Its taste and efficacy could be more enhanced if consumed with some salt.

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#5. Figs

Consumption of regular quantities of figs could also prove to be very effective in the treatment of piles. Preparing it to consume is very easy. All one needs to do is wash around 3-5 figs and then leave it in a glass of water for around 12 hours. After this, once it is completely soaked, it should be consumed in the morning and the night. One must try to make it the first and last thing to eat in a day.


#6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has many nutrients and as one can suspect it helps a lot in slowly and steadily getting rid of the piles condition and in the blood vessels returning to their normal state.

#7. Bitter Gourd

The juice made out of the leaves of bitter gourd is probably one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of piles. Though one might assume that it would not be very good in taste. However one could enhance its taste and in turn effect too. All one needs to do is take some amount of bitter gourd and add it to buttermilk. This combination is most effective if taken in an empty stomach and on a regular basis every month.

bitter gourd

#8. Ice

Ice is probably one of the most common and easy natural home remedies for piles. It will help in controlling and in reducing the swelling. It could also give immediate relief from the pain.

#9. Almond Oil

Almonds have lots of beneficial effects and as one could assume the oil prepared out of almonds also has a very beneficial effect in the treatment of piles. Almond oil is very popular for the emollient properties and its tissue absorption properties. This could help in the treatment of piles. To use it one should dip a small cotton ball in the extremely effective almond oil and then apply it on the affected areas. One would soon see the beneficial effects.

#10. Aloe Vera

The numerous uses of aloe vera is something that is known to all. The regular consumption of aloe vera could help in the treatment of both internal and external piles.

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