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10 Top Home Remedies For Clogged Ears

Causes For Clogged Ears

Clogged ear brings about extreme discomfort. It makes the ear sensitive. Hearing becomes obscure. The banal symptoms of clogged ears are pain, headache and inability to sleep. However, some people hear whistle-like sounds as well. It is utterly annoying.

The prevalent reason of clogged ears is the buildup of earwax. Earwax is produced inside the ear canal to keep them lubricated and guards them from fungus, bacteria, insects, water and other things that are detrimental for the ears. The surplus wax is transported outside the canal, at the opening of the ear.

It is supposed to be scoured habitually. When it is not cleared out, it keeps building up inside the ear, consequently moves deep into the ear canal. Additional reasons include ear infection, inflammation, swimming, change in altitude and sinus.

Meanwhile, when the reason is not an infection or other disease, clogged ears can easily be treated with home remedies.

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10 Home Remedies for Clogged Ears

#1. Steam

If the reason of the clogged ears is the buildup of earwax, phlegm or sinus, then unclogging them by inhaling steam is the best natural remedy.

Boil a large bowl of water. Add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil. Hold your head over the bowl while covering your head with a towel in order to force the steam to your face. Do this until your ears are unclogged.

#2. Nasal Spray

Ear, nose and throat are linked. Sinus infection and phlegm can cause the ears to clog. If that is the reason, then nasal sprays come in handy.

#3. Candy or Chewing

There is a fun home remedy to unblock the ears, by sucking on a hard candy or chewing a gum. Considering the candy or gum is mint flavored, your ears will pop before the candy is masticated completely.

#4. Oil

Oil softens the earwax that is residing deep into the ear canal. Use warm, not burning hot, olive oil, baby oil or mineral oil. Lie sideways with the plugged-ear up. Drip a few drops of oil. Lay in the same position for 5 minutes. Afterwards, tilt your to the other side. Plunk a cloth under your ear and allow the oil and wax to trickle out of it. Consult a doctor before trying this natural home remedy.

#5. Spicy Food

Ever experienced a runny nose after you eat super spicy food? Extra spicy food might not be good for your stomach; however it decongests your sinus and ears. When we eat spicy food, mucus membranes get clouted by the spice and become irritated, thus producing more mucus to ensnare the allergens. The dewy mucus softens the congestion.

Eat super spicy food, for instance garlic, onion, chilies, radish and jalapeño.

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#6. Warm Beverages

Taking warm beverages, specifically tea, coffee or hot chocolate, eases the jam of your ear. The heat from these warm beverages melts down the earwax, as a result, opening the ear. Soups too work as one of the best natural remedies as well.

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#7. Gargle

Gargling helps to unclog the ear and get rid of nasal congestion that might be the real cause. Add a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. You can add a few drops of lemon and honey too. Do gargling for 15 to 30 minutes, or until your ears are unclogged.


#8. Wriggle your jaws

Imagine a pile of books placed on a desk. When you shake the desk, the books fall off. Similarly, earwax is accumulated in the ear canal. When you shake your jaws hard, the heap of earwax is deflated, in consequence, decongesting the ear.

Open your jaws wide, and wriggle them. Easy!

#9. Hot Shower

Steaming hot shower is like one of the best natural home remedies for clogged ears. During a shower, steam gets inside the ear. As a result, the blockage is eased.

#10. Hot Compress

Hot compress is an efficient way to unclog the ear. Iron a clean piece of cloth. Press it against your clogged ear until it is cold. Lie down on your side with your plugged ear against the bed. Place the cloth under your ear. Heat from the ironed cloth get into your ear and melts the earwax. By laying sideways, the wax escapes the ear.

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