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10 Simple Home Remedies for Scanty Periods

What Is Hypomenorrhea?

Scanty periods, also known as hypomenorrhea, can be annoying. You may be worried that you are pregnant when you’re not. A main reason of scanty periods are not getting enough nutrition, or balanced nutrition. Stress, trauma, and grief can also bring on scanty periods. If you are worried and if you want to get your periods back on track, then follow these simple home remedies.

10 Simple Home Remedies for Scanty Periods

#1. Ginger

Ginger is one natural remedy that can help with just about anything, including scanty periods. You can add ginger to your food before and during your period, or you can drink ginger tea once a day. This should help your period to flow more, and on a more consistent basis. You can drink ginger tea or add ginger throughout the rest of the month as well to help with other bodily functions.

#2. Papaya

If you think that your lack of period blood is caused by stress, then unripe papaya may be the cure for you. Eat a papaya everyday of your period to have your blood flow be more consistent. Even if your lack of blood is not caused by stress, this natural home remedy may still be able to help with your periods.

#3. Parsley

Adding parsley into your diet can help to make periods more regular, add more blood to your flow, and also help with menstrual cramping. You can add parsley to carrot, cucumber, or beet juice. You can also add parsley into your meals, or just make a tea out of it by adding some of the herb into warm water.


#4. Sesame Seeds

Taking in sesame seeds as a home remedy should help to almost instantly cure your scanty period. Crush a tablespoon of sesame seeds and then mix them in a glass of warm water. Drink this mix at least once a day throughout the duration of your period.

#5. Fish

Salmon and sardines contain something called omega-3 which is a type of fatty acid that can help to regulate your period flow. Omega-3 can help because it plays a very important part when it comes to hormone production. Make sure that you get in enough of these kinds of fish if you want your periods to be more regular. Other foods with high levels of omega-3 are flax seeds and walnuts.


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#6. Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens like spinach can contain high levels of iron, which can help to regulate periods. Try to make sure that you get in enough iron, and try to keep a balanced diet. Other foods with high levels of iron are red meats and nuts.

#7. Carrot Juice

If your scanty period is new to you, then you might want to try carrot juice. Drinking carrot juice once a day for a month is one of the best natural remedies that can help to make your period go back on track to where it usually is.

carrot juice

#8. Balance your Diet

If your diet isn’t balanced enough, then it could throw your hormones, and your period, off-balance. Make sure that you are getting in enough vitamins and minerals a day, along with a standard amount of all of the food groups in. Keeping up a balanced healthy diet, along with avoiding unhealthy foods, can help to regulate the systems in your body, and even your period.

#9. Gain Weight

One reasons why your period might be scanty may be because you need to gain weight. There are many ways to do this, but it’s recommended to take the healthy way. Don’t binge out on junk food, instead try to gradually increase the amount of healthy food you eat. Remember to try to keep your diet balanced when you do this.

#10. Reduce Stress

Another reason for scanty or missed periods are that you may be too stressed. Do your best to relieve stress. Do whatever you need to in order to calm down. Many people find yoga, tea, and quiet rooms to be calming. Do your best to stay as calm as you can, as often as you can.

Try these natural home remedies and get your menstrual problem of scanty periods solved right away!

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